Friday, November 14, 2014

The Aged Tree

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The Aged Tree
In a enormous field, a aged tree stand there alone, it's trunk is crude and strong, tons in weight, valiantly established on the ground.  The mixed green-red leaves flowing with wind, rippling dancing, swaying like a girl whispering solftly. The branches and leaves steadily crisscross which cover few meters while chaos but in order, the tree exists for hundred years, however people are not able to realise it's age. It has strong roots, live here like mountain, no one can move it.

When your inherence is strong, no matter how strong the external power intervene, you will not be influenced at all for sure.

Like the aged tree, it has been enduring the wind, rain, seasons changing, attacked by animals, harming from the insects, the uncertainties for the tree are immeasurable.

However, the tree still can survive for hundred years, stronger than everyone, this is the result of the anneal.

When the attack comes, this is an anneal rather than a misfortune, is an opportunity. An opportunity to let you grow up. The more opportunities, the more faster you can gain the spirituality growth.

Whenever it comes, the heavy emotions come intensively, we will loss ourselves' temper control, negative thoughts are slowly covering your positive energy. It is the time, if you could imagine that the one (thought) is actually produced by yourself, and which actually is a homework on your emotions, and is lesson which could help you to understand yourself/your needs, as long as you spend time on this homework where you definitely will get a beautiful result.

Just let the emotions penetrate into your body,  do not constrain it, allow it to be there, let the thoughts form naturally. It is the time you need to open you eyes to watch it carefully, pay attention to your emotions rather than to the stimulus elements from outside. Slowly calm down, observe your emotions which affecting the body, the parts you feel not comfortable, follow by a breath, quiet down, observe it, accept it, and then put it down. . .

This homework, can not be done overnight, like language learning, it needs a long-term exercise.

We can do it, do it together!!!

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