Thursday, October 9, 2014

Learning Truth of Life from Trekking

Most of the people do have a mindset: "trekking is easy to make it, and the toughness is meaningless. On the other hand, some people think that trekking is type of exercise and makes people become healthier...." 

In fact, which is not....

Last night, my wife asked me a question: "Why do you like trekking?"

This sudden question made me hesitating in answering the question. But I was still able to give an answer in a minute:"just for our gratification!!"

Seeking the gratification, is part of human being and our life, if there is no dream in the life, we are actually "empty" and nothing here.

After answering my wife, I thought my answer was too simple. Trekking, is more than that.

After we came back from Nepal, something was inside my brain stirring and triggering my thinking. I was recalling back the trekking/trip to Nepal, what did I actually exchange from the hardness of trekking in Nepal? Was that wasting time, torturing my body, or else achieving treasure??

Frankly, during the trekking, I was not able to discover the truth of life, as really tiring and had no time to think more, what I could do at the moment was just felt the jungle and relax, no more thinking.

Trekking for 9 days, 6-8 hours per day under the bad weather, heavy raining, extremely hot weather, cold ect.... To me, as a physically weaker person, this was a hefty challenge in my life.

Perseverance, was the most important element at that moment.

Heard some rumours, not 100% of the athlete can successfully reach the mountain summit.

The road of Life is like trekking's route, is long and hard, need to prepare a lot of courage for trying, you will be experiencing different things you never met before, however, so long as you keep your perseverance, nothing is impossible.

To me, physical was an big problem. Among the team members, they trekked very fast, my wife and I tried to follow their steps, our energy consumption was faster than others, we were exhausted at the end. From there, I knew that we don't really need to follow others' steps, what we need to do is to be ourselves, follow our own steps, do what we like.

In our circle of life, many people are walking far ahead from us, we are are not able to chase them up in a short period, but is this really harm on you??

After the trekking, I had really learnt through the experience that: The competition among people will lead people to be mad. As long as we follow our own steps, step by step moving forward, slowly, relax, we will definitely reach the place where the other people reach too. Notwithstanding, we spend more time in achieving the target, but we are still able to make it. The summit they reached, we are able to achieve too!!

The mutual support from family is super important. In the trekking, underwent some incidents which we never met before, this required the mutual trust and support for both parties, if there was no encouragement from my wife, I would not be able to reach summit. Life is the same, we cannot expect the life is smooth for every moment, family's support is significant element of life. After the trip, I felt that my wife and I are more able to understand each other, better coordination, I am more in love with my wife.


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