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Guest Post - 5 Best Places to watch out in Bahrain

Bahrain is a unique island of its own; the uniqueness that ranges from being beautiful in nature to its combination of both modern Arab culture and wonderful historical places. The Island is generally small but beautiful. It’s located close to the western shores of the Persian Gulf. The island is one of the most visited and a major tourist destination in the Middle East and the whole world in general. For visitors visiting this beautiful island, have in their hands lots of beautiful places to visit. In this article, you will be taken through the five best places to watch out while in this beautiful country, Bahrain. A visit to these places will quite sure leave you perplexed. 

Adhari Park
Adhari Park is one of the biggest parks in Bahrain, located around the Zinj area. The park is just end-to-end with Adhari national park. The park receives lots of visitors from all over the world as it provides a conducive and amazing environment to the whole family. It’s unique and complete leisure capability for the whole family has also been a key to attracting many visitors. The Park provides you with a massive 38 outdoor and indoor rides people of all ages. World class entertainment centers and lots of food outlets are also available at this destination. It’s a superb destination for family or group holiday.

Bahrain world trade Centre, Manama
This is a must place to pay a visit while in Bahrain. The destination is located in the center of Manama and comprises the largest combination of shopping and entertainment centers in this awesome country. Bahrain World trade Center won the prestigious NOVA Award for innovation, an achievement that was attributed to its twin tower trade Centre that is connected to each other by sky bridges having 50m stories. The towers bring out a sophisticated beauty of this center. The center has continued to win several prestigious awards for the best architectural design in recent years. 

The Manama Souq
The destination is located beyond Bab Al Bahrain and it’s a superb destination that provides you with a perfect shopping experience. The Souq consists of countless and superb shops that provide you with variety of goods and services that range from open stalls to stores that are parked with lots of goods. It’s an ideal place to shop and to window shop too. The best way to access the souk is on foot and it’s advisable for those driving to remember leaving their cars in the parking facilities located in the nearby Bab Al Bahrain. 
Tree of life
It’s one of the world’s mysterious sceneries that you can’t imagine of. This tree of life in Bahrain is almost 500 years old and still survives in the middle of the desert. Its mystery to survive this kind of desert climate for that long has left many wondering and making it a legend. The tree is attracting many visitors from across the world due to this puzzling nature. The locals here believe without a doubt that the Garden of Eden was located here.

Bahrain National Museum, Manama
The destination without doubt deserves to be recognized as the most popular tourist attraction in Bahrain. The museum is the best place to start enthralling. It’s one of the most attractive museums in Bahrain opened in 1988. A visit to this museum will for sure leave you stunned as you will be taken through rich ancient and medieval Eastern world history. The museum consists of large collections of archaeological materials that clearly defines the true nature and history of this wonderful island. 
Bahrain provides you with many places you can watch out while on a visit here. The above named five are just but a few although they are the best when it comes to ranking the top five best places in Bahrain. Bahrain Visa is all you need to visit this amazing country and get in touch with the above named places. This Visa can be applied online from anywhere in the world.

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