Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guest Post - Travelling By Car With Kids: Tips And Precautions

It can be so stressful to travel long distances by car with your kids. But if you plan it well you will make it fun and hassle free for your kids and yourself too. Here are some tips and precautions for fun and safe long distance travel by car with your kids. 

The most significant part of any journey is keeping it well organized. You can do the following:

· Have as many Ziplocs as you may require. It’s very helpful to keep things organized and separate for easy identification.

· Have separate Ziplocs for tiny socks, nipples/bottles, medicines, baby utensils and many others. This will avoid wasting of time when looking for any urgent thing in a Ziploc of mixed things.

Separate your kids 
Kids are sometimes violent. To ensure they don’t quarrel:
· Separate them to sit on different seats so that they cannot assault each other physically.

· When kids fight, there is some drama that follows, thus it’s a better to prevent it from happening.  This way, you are sure of having a stress free travel.

Feeding Time
· When you are travelling with infants, of course they will be breast feeding or on bottle which can be done on a rest area or in the car. If your infant is on bottle or he or she is using jar food then you need to have disposable bottle liners and utensils.

· You can have small plastic cup for mixing the cereal or take out the food and throw it away when you are done. This will ensure your car is clean and cuts the need of washing things on go and thus creates extra time for enjoyment. 

· These disposables are cheap. 

Hygiene and Cleanliness
· Kids are good in creating and generating a lot of mess. It can be their diapers or by throwing food. 

· You can counter this by buying scented garbage bags. They are good and keeps smell away.

· When travelling with kids many people tend to forget to be careful on healthy.

· Eat at least 1 healthy meal a day and keep some dry fruits and nuts handy to munch them. It will enhance your immune system and also energize your body during long drives.

Games and Treats
· There are many sites on the internet which gives the different types of activities and games you can engage with your kids when traveling by car. 

· You can have goody bags for the kids to open them at the destination.  

Taking Breaks
· Taking a break in rest areas is the best, because you will have more space for your kids to exploit their energy. 

· Ensure you also have a big comforter if your kid is crawling. They will use the comforter to crawl and there is no worry on them getting in dirty places or coming into contact with germs. 

· If you also have older kids you can have a break at places where they are play areas. Furthermore, you can excite them by reminding them the up-coming play areas along your journey.

· You can also excite them with a movie you will watch or a game you will play when you reach your destination.

· Memory games are also good to keep your kids busy when travelling.

· Safety and comfort of the travellers is also important. 

· If you are travelling with someone who can drive then you can switch the driver.

· Keep flip- flops, sun shades, sun glasses, or anything that can make you relaxed while driving and use them.

Finally, remember to have carried out dsa theory test to have a safe journey. Ensure yourself and your kids focuses the attention on the trip and all the accompanying fun rather than the hassles of the travel since these hassles are just short lived. This way you can have exciting travel by car with your kids.

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