Monday, June 9, 2014

Guest Post - Camp Nou - An Amazing Stadium For Football Lovers.

Camp Nou stadium is the home to Barcelona Football Club and presumably one of the most famous sporting arenas in the world. It has as sitting capacity of 98,000 people. Popularly known as the Catalonia stadium, Camp Nou-An Amazing Stadium for Football Lovers, is not only visited for football games, but also by tourists looking for an attraction a bit different from the standard fare. For British holidaymakers, and Manchester United fans in particular, the stadium holds a special draw as it is the venue where the Red Devils triumphed over Bayern Munich in dramatic fashion to clinch their 1999 treble. 

Brief history of Camp Nou
The stadium has an immaculate record in the historical backdrop of football and the group of onlookers of football wanted to watch matches in this stadium because of its development and planning. On March 28 1954 the undertaking of this football stadium was begun. The fashioners and venture director finished the name of stadium which was Estadi del FC Barcelona. At the same time after utilization of long time its name was changed & it got new name through which it is known today. Manufactured in1957, three years after work initiated, Camp Nou supplanted the Barcelona stadium of the time - Les Corts. The stadium was opened in 24th September 1957. Civil representative from Barcelona Felipe Acedo Colunga laid the first stone for this stadium. Around then this was called as Estadio del FC Barcelona and afterward it was re developed in 1995 and again in 2008. Originally destined to be called Estadi del Barcelona FC it was nicknamed Camp Nou - which translates as 'new field' - by the locals to differentiate it from the old ground. The opening game at the stadium saw Barcelona defeat a visiting Warsaw side 4-2. Ninety thousand people turned up to watch that game - some sitting, some standing - but regulations now mean that all capacity must be seated. The stadium was enlarged to its 98,000 capacity in 1982 in time for the World Cup. Ever since then Camp Nou has been one of the most awe-inspiring stadiums in world football. The stadium was blessed upon opening by the Archbishop of Barcelona and it has even hosted a mass with Pope John Paul II which saw more than 120,000 people inside the stadium. 

Barcelona's Attractions
Many visitors want to see Barcelona - and the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar, the great Brazilian star and Andres Iniesta play football, but depending on the time of year some have to make do with a stadium tour. During the football season tickets are available for most matches because of the large capacity. This enabled fans and tourist football lovers get a chance to buy tickets they don't sell out completely. Some visitors like to soak in the history of the ground and to help with this there is a museum located at the ground, and several guided tours of the stadium take place each day. This allows people to see the players' changing rooms, touch the pitch and appreciate the myriad of trophies won by the club. It’s one spot every football fan would live to visit either as a tourist or a fan to watch these Spanish giants play on their home ground. Now it’s so easy to acquire your travel documents with Turkish Visas thanks to new travel regulations.


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