Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guest Post - Alpe d'Huez, a ski resort guide for the non-skier

Skiing isn’t for everyone. It’s an intense and pretty dangerous sport. No matter if you can ski or not, you’re putting yourself in danger of hurting yourself. A holiday to you might be relaxing by the pool, and lazing in the sun. Maybe you’ll visit a historical site, or do some shopping throughout the day.
A time might well come in your life when you are forced to go on a skiing holiday, or maybe you love skiing- but just not all the time. Either way, at Alpe d’Huez you’ll be able to make it through; the resort has many activities that don’t involve skiing.

You could give dog sledding a go, do note that you’re instructed never to let go, even if the sled falls over, so it’s just as dangerous as skiing really. The cute husky dogs may well help you get over these fears though. If you still don’t like the sound of it, you could consider getting a guide to do all the hard work of controlling the dogs and you can just sit on the sled. You’ll get all the fun without the hard work! Remember to book this in advance, it’s pretty popular. 

An alternative to dog sledding would be having a go on a snowmobile. The snowmobile is kind of just like skiing. The machine is basically a car, but with two skis instead of four wheels. You’ll be able to shoot around the tracks, and feel like you’re skiing. This is mostly done in evenings, but that could provide some amazing views of the sun sets over the mountains.

The ice cave is really not something to miss for anyone. It’s a beautiful glistening grotto that was dug out by two mountain guides. The cave has beautiful ice sculptures filling it. Every year ice sculptors come and do some more work for the cave. Each year the sculptures also follow a theme. Some examples of the themes are “The War of Fire” and “Ancient Greece”.

If visiting a cave isn’t exciting enough for you, zorbing may well be a thing you’d like to try out. You’ll basically be put into a giant inflatable hamster ball and roll through a set out course. You can try and run in this if you like, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to. Despite how it sounds this is one of the safest activities to do at this resort. You’ll be on a properly marked out course, and the ball is bouncy so you aren’t going to break any legs. It’s another activity you’ll be able to enjoy while watching the sun setting.

As well as these activities, you’ll find spas in the hotels that you’ll be able to use even if you’re not staying there. You’ll be able to do a bit of shopping, and spend some time swimming in the pool, or some other light sports in the sports centre here. Have some drinks in the pub and have some good food. So- what are you waiting for? Everyone can really enjoy a skiing holiday, even if you don’t ski! 

Written by Emma Buttery who loves travelling as well as photography. Writing travel guides is a favourite hobby of hers. Follow @travel_boots on twitter!  


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