Friday, January 3, 2014

Explore Wide Varieties of Gastronomical Delights Available In the Various London Restaurants

There was a time when London was scorned by many countries of the world for its culinary scenario. However, with time the scenario has changed drastically and now the city can cater to varying taste buds of its tourists in a great manner. Interestingly, London has restaurants and food joints for people in all budget-ranges. While the affluent travelers can visit the city’s posh and luxurious restaurants, the general traveler can enjoy a great meal at any standard restaurant in the city.

Here are some of the best hand-picked restaurants in London city, where you can satisfy your taste buds:

The Wolseley, Piccadilly
This restaurant in London City will not disappoint you in any manner, if you manage to get a place in there. The interior settings of the place are in grand European style. There is no doubt about the fact that the restaurant has an enigmatic charm of its own. This is the reason the place is frequented for breakfasts, formal lunch meetings, as well as for casual get togethers with friends. The restaurant will definitely want you to come back again for more.

Address: 160 Piccadilly, W1, ideal for Mayfair and St James’s

Contact number: 020 7499 6996

People looking for a Spanish restaurant in London City can definitely visit the Fino. It is a Spanish tapas restaurant, but the décor and finesse are all English in nature. The bar in the restaurant has wide collections of drinks for all kinds of people. The varieties of cocktails available are also quite large. The numbers of dishes on the food menu are also extensive and 6-8 items among them are sure hits. Try out some signature dishes of the restaurant along with some exotic wine and champagne that the restaurant has.

Address: 33 Charlotte Street, W1

Contact number: 020 7813 8010

This is an extremely stylish Italian eatery located at Mayfair’s Dover Street. The flooring is in the style of chessboard parquet. The white linen table clothes add an extra beauty to the interiors of the restaurant. There is also an excellent cocktail bar, where you can enjoy various kinds of drinks as per your choice. You can try all kinds of Italian delicacies from lobster spaghetti, tuna tartar, tiramisu, tender entrecôte of beef with crushed potatoes and other dishes. Many people relax with a cup of cappuccino at the bar as well.

Address: 19-20 Dover Street

Contact number: 020 7495 4768

La Petite Maison
French delicacies can be enjoyed in the best manner at La Petite Maison, located at the West End part of London. The best part about the restaurant is that tables can be laid outside when the weather is sunny and bright. The ambience of the restaurant is casual yet chic in nature. Some of the best dishes that are served in the restaurant include pasta stew, Pyrenees Lamb, Italian-influenced Genoese Shellfish and so on.

Address: 53-54 Brook's Mews, London, W1

Contact number: 020 7495 4774

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