Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best family beaches in Tenerife

Tenerife is the most popular island of Spain, home to five million tourists per year; it is also the largest of the Canary Islands. The mountainous island is filled with all different types of tourist from young couple to large families looking to work on their sun tans. Tenerife is home to many different fabulous beaches some that have natural volcanic black sand, and others that tend to be more popular, golden sand beaches. The Blue Flag eco program has awarded 10 of Tenerife’s beaches. So be sure to get your suntan lotion on, grab your dingy, stick on your glasses and enjoy your time at the beach. Here is my Tenerife best golden beach guide.

Playa Las Vistas
Playa Las Vistas beach is known to be the best beach on the island also the most popular beach, it is located towards the South of the island between Los Cristianos and Playa De Americas. The beach is covered with golden sand, with lots of restaurants and bars located around the edge of the beach; there is also a McDonalds for those looking for a quick bite to eat. The beach is often a popular one with visitors and locals looking for a relaxing time on the beach, although the beach often gets really busy you will always be able to find a spot to lay your towel and work on your tan. At the centre of the beach at the water’s edge there is a beautiful fountain that spays and showers sea water. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Environmental Foundation, because of its clean beach and good disabled access.

 La Tejita
La Tejita beach is the longest and widest sand beach on the island spreading at 1.5km long, with the scenery of the red cliffs of Montana Roja making the beach truly stunning place to watch the sun go down. On this beach there is a small section for nudists, welcome for not only locals but any tourist that wants to join this section of the beach. But don’t worry this bit of the beach is cut off with a small rock foundation cutting it off from the rest of the beach which is home to most tourists, so if you don’t want to you don’t have to see the nudist’s sunbathe. The beach is protected from the wind that blows across the island, by the cliffs of Montana Roja, making it a warm and calm beach. With protection from the wind makes it a perfect place to enjoy building sandcastles with your children, and digging your dad with sand.
Las Teresitas
Although the Las Teresitas beach isn’t a natural beach it is still very beautiful with, golden white sand imported from the Sahara desert. There are two piers and a long breakwater that were built to help the sand stay on the beach and not get taken away by the sea. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island because of its golden sand rather than the black volcanic sands that often covers most of Tenerife’s beaches. The wave breakers make it a very family friendly, as it protects the coastline from the strong current and waves. This also makes it a good place to lounge in the sea on a dingy or a lilo, because you will be sure not to be hit with a monster wave.  The beach is easily accessed by car or bus with lots of parking lots available.
Travelling down to the beach for the day, make sure you take your sun cream to ensure that you don’t get burned and take sun glasses to protect your eyes from the sun. So if you wanted to get away to sun soaked beach and enjoy your holiday in Tenerife lying on fine golden sand, I have listed what I think to be the best white sand beaches.


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