Monday, October 21, 2013

Enjoying Fabulous Tuscan Holiday at its Many Natural Hot Springs!

Ever wondered for a perfect Tuscan holiday which you can utilize for complete relaxation and recharging your energies! Tuscany abounds in natural hot springs. A Spa journey to the region is worth considering. This is my favorite whenever I visit Italy to soothe my nerves and rejuvenate myself.

Tuscany is a region which is located in central Italy. It is renowned for wine and olive oil production. Interspersed with rolling green hills, picturesque cities, and artistic history, Tuscany has over the years become immensely popular vacation destination for Italians and scores of tourists from foreign countries who comes here by booking their cheap tickets from their favorite airline or by their favorite cruise. Travel through this panoramic region, and you will see a striking balance of rural and urban attractions here. A visit to Tuscany is a must to experience the glorious Tuscan culture and character, and of course its numerous hot natural springs.

Tuscany has plentiful hot natural springs oozing out of the ground laden with minerals and the heat of the earth. Since the time of the Romans these springs are being used for their curative properties in the belief that the sulfurous water is coming from the underworld or ‘Hades’. Most of the medical centers and spa hotels in Tuscany are now making the best use of some of the major hot springs for commercial purposes. The modern spa, which have brought hot springs water into a swimming pool, usually charge a fee for using the pool. Some of the hot springs are outdoors and mostly open during the summer season and spring, while most of these are open throughout the year.

However, during one of my visit to Tuscany I managed to enjoy myself in the hot springs here without paying any fee. I avoided going to a spa hotel, and instead decided to visit Tuscany countryside, which is peppered with free, untamed, wild hot springs. This is absolutely one of the best ways to spend quite some time at the free hot open air springs.

Here’s exhaustive list of hot water springs in Tuscany which you should consider visiting whenever in Italy. Some of the famous thermal baths in Tuscany include Terme Antica Querciolaia, Bagni di Lucca, Casciana Terme, Montepulciano Terme, San Giuliano Terme, Terme di San Giovanni, Terme di Saturnia, Terme San Filippo, Uliveto Terme, Monsummano Terme, Gambassi Terme, Montecatini Terme, Terme di Venturina, Equi Terme, San Carlo Terme, Parco Termale di Stia, and Terme di Petriolo.

Located in an enchanting place in the center of Tuscany, the hot spring of Antica Querciolaia is an ideal place for revitalizing your soul and body. Here you will find many thermal swimming pools as well as a splendid wellness center. Bagni di Lucca, one of Europe’s oldest spa town, is simply great to visit. There are 25 hot springs of natural sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium waters. For treating arthrosis and rheumatism, consider visiting the Casciana Terme where water comes out of the spring at 35.7 degree constant temperature, and contains calcium, sodium bicarbonates and natural minerals. Those suffering with respiratory and skin diseases should consider visiting Montepulciano Terme. Located in the heart of Tuscany, in the middle of Val d'Orcia and od Val di Chiana, the water here is mainly sulfurous and work wonders.

It’s almost impossible to include all the hot springs in Tuscany.  Here I have mentioned only some of the important ones which I highly recommend to all those visiting Tuscany to enjoy is numerous thermal baths.


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