Planning for climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu is in Kinabalu Park in the Malaysian state of Sabah, some 80 km east of Kota Kinabalu.

2 years ago, a group of friend went to Mt Kinabalu where we had worked up together but we did not join them for this KK trip as I thought the fee was too high and not worth. At that time, the fee was RM1800 for whole 5D4N package including returned flight tickets from West Malaysia Penisula to KK, rafting activities, KK trips, accomodation and foods.

Today, my wife and I just signed up the package which will be held in this coming August, price is about RM2000 per person, increased RM200. Sometime thinking I am so stupid why did not go with my friends 2 years ago....This time, we will go with another group of friend.

2 months to go from now, is time again to work up our body and mindset. Gambateh Neh!!!

After we went to Nepal in last year September, we have already bought some equipment from Nepal and possess  most of the required equipment and accessories for normal climbing, so we will not spend much on buying equipment any more.

The Itinerary is Very Simple:
Day 1 Fly from West Malaysia Panisula to KK.
Day 2 Start Climbing to Lapan Rata
Day 3 Continue to Climb to KK's summit, and decent back to town.
Day 4 Rafting activity
Day 5 Fly back

I just actually worry about the rafting activity after the tough trekking to KK, as we will be exhausted and no more energy for playing this......haha....don't worry be happy.