Friday, June 21, 2013

Caribbean Travel During Hurricane Season?

While the whole year is pretty much heavenly in the Caribbean, September has the potential to be the most idyllic of all. The overbearing temperatures of the summer are gone, the rains have departed for other shores and the chances of seeing a cloud in the stunning blue sky are pretty low most days. Yep, September in the Caribbean should by rights be the number-one choice for those in the know making their travels each year, were it not for one slight onion in the ointment:

It happens to be right slap-bang in the middle of the Caribbean’s hurricane season.

The science behind what goes on is about as boring as it is unimportant as far as the holidaymaker is concerned – what matters is the effect of hurricane seasons. As far as statistics go, the chances of enjoying a truly amazing holiday right in the middle of hurricane seasons are beyond high, but with up to a dozen hurricanes making their way in each year, it’s pretty impossible to rule them out entirely.

Nevertheless, travel experts the world over urge plucky holidaymakers that just because it is hurricane season does not in any way mean that the Caribbean is closed for business. Far from it in fact as the general weather is dreamy, the crowds are nowhere to be seen and prices hit annual rock-bottoms.

Instead, it’s just a case of having your wits about you and being prepared to maybe expect the unexpected, though chances are as mentioned above that the odds will work out in your favour.

Insure and Go

Always be careful when it comes to travel insurance as plenty of annual policies will not cover hurricane season trips to the Caribbean. What’s more, it’s also a good idea to make sure the insurance you take out covers you in the case of you having to cancel your trip, as if very bad weather looks to be heading in for the duration chances are you won’t be going at all.

Don’t be Complacent

Never forget that just because a hurricane isn’t going to directly hit the Caribbean island you intend to visit does not mean that it will be spared some serious weather and outright chaos. Even if it seems to be heading nowhere near to where you are, things could still get crazy in a hurry – so always keep close tabs on the weather.

Hurricane Guarantees?

Plenty of places across the Caribbean offer hurricane guarantees, which mean a partial or full refund if your accommodation, excursion, transport, show or anything else you’ve booked and paid for ends up being cancelled due to the weather. Always look into whether these guarantees are offered and how they work.

Safe Zones

Don’t be fooled into thinking any specific area of the Caribbean is inherently safe from hurricanes, though statically there are some places that get hit less than others. If in doubt, consult your travel agent.

Keep in Touch

And finally, it’s nice to cut off from the real world but always be sure to keep in touch with the folks back home, just so that they can also keep an eye on things if the weather starts looking a little on the sketchy side. They might find something out that you yourself have missed  - and knowledge is your safety in these instances.

By Lisa Morton
Lisa Morton managed to accidentally book his Cuba Holidays right in the middle of the hurricane season and has since begun a mission to educate the masses on this stunning, affordable time of the year to travel.


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There are several things, which you consider for Travel.I like traveling and this post will help me a lot.There is only 1 thing that is new for me, that is travel insurance.

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