Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Largest aquarium in the World - S.E.A Aquarium

Labour day, 1.5.13, holiday.

As holiday, we had nothing on, my wife and I went to S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa in Singapore. This is the largest aquarium in the world since last year December. In fact, we have planned to visit this aquarium since its opened in last year December, but due to the crowded condition, we had postponed until today.

We arrived the destination at about 10.30am, but there were a long line waiting for buying ticket. Fortunately, I bought the tickets online, so saved to time....haha smart guy. A tip here, if you buy online with DBS credit card, there is a S$5 discount, became S$24 per ticket, original price is S$29 for adult. For senior and children are S$20 per ticket, but without discount applicable if paying by DBS credit card.

After walking into the building, there is a corridor displaying those historical relic relating to Asia region. A lot of visitors were taking pictures and learning knowledge of history.

Full of displays

Really full of visitors today, wherever the point we reached, wherever the people were.

We were waiting about 10 minutes before entering the Aquarium. As to avoid too crowded in the building, the staffs control the number of visitor enter into it.

Ya, we were heading into the tunnel, types of fish were waiting for us.



At last, there are a very big big aquarium display, there are countless fishes in there. What a fabulous view.

View from a hole to the aquarium.

Very nice designed aquarium with colorful fishes.


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