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Supporting Small Business when on Holiday

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It doesn’t matter where you go in the world; there is evidence of large corporations all over the place. This could be Starbucks, McDonalds, Tesco or Walmart. You can go to remote areas in Asia or to a built up area on the other side of the world, as these corporations get everywhere. It is companies like these which are slowly driving out the small business owners as they are finding it harder and harder to compete. The companies are in all aspects of lives especially tourism:


If we are going to take a cheap holiday abroad and we want to help sustain the country we are visiting, then we should try and spend our money wisely and use the smaller businesses, which will help them to survive.


I am pretty much of the opinion that a bed is a bed. I do not need to stay in a fancy 5 star hotel all of the time. It is good to treat yourself every now and then to a bit of luxury though! As such, I am quite happy to stay at a small independent hotel, resort or guest house as long as it is clean and comfortable. No matter where you go in the world, you are pretty sure to be able to find something like this, as well as all of the big hotel chains such as Holiday Inn or Marriott. If you choose to stay at a smaller boutique resort or hotel, you not only get to save some money, but you are also putting money directly into the country that you are visiting, rather than into the pockets of the big corporations. These places tend to have a much more relaxed feel to them, and you can easily meet a lot of likeminded travellers and get tips from the locals of things that you must see and do whilst you stay. They may even be able to arrange excursions for you at much cheaper rates than the bigger hotels.


One of the great things about visiting a new country is getting to try the food that is on offer. What is the point in travelling half way around the world to a country in Asia if all you are going to do is eat KFC and pizza whilst you are there? Live a little and get yourself out of your comfort zone and try some of the local delicacies. You never know you might just like them! In countries in Asia, some of the best food you can find is on the street. The great thing is a lot of it is cooked fresh right in front of you. If you want to go to a restaurant, try going to something which is independently run, even if it is your favourite kind of food. By going to these places rather than the big food chain stores, you will get to try some quality food and help to sustain the local economy. Large chain restaurants do assist the economy as well as they provide jobs. However, they also put other establishments out of business through their aggressive pricing, which independent companies have trouble competing with.


The world is getting a much smaller place, and you can see all of the same shops in the big shopping centres on your holidays, the same as when you go shopping back at home. So if you are looking to do some shopping on your holiday, try visiting some of the smaller locally run shops, which may just offer you something different than you get in the bigger chains. Depending on what you buy, you may be purchasing something which is locally made rather than imported from China, so it is also a good way of boosting the local economy. You may find that you have to pay a little bit extra than you would have at the big chain stores. But this is a small price to pay for something, which is a lot more unique. It is a good way to stand out from the crowd rather than conform to how everyone else looks! Going local when you travel is also a good way of experiencing a country, rather than consume the same stuff from the corporations that you do when you are at home. One day these places may not be here, so we all need to do our part to make sure these small retailers, hotels and restaurants are here for years to come, so everyone else can enjoy them.


Ted Hunter has written this article. He is a keen traveller, who has travelled all over the world. He loves to immerse himself in the local culture when he is travelling, and loves to share his adventures in the articles and blogs that he writes. Ted is a budget traveler, so he always strives to find the cheapest holidays to Spain, Greece, Thailand, or any country he wishes to visit. Ted always uses Travel Republic to find the best rates.


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