Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top 5 Amazing Wine Tasting Experiences

For those who love wine it's more than a way to relax with friends. Experts know the pedigree, the notes in the flavour, the history and even where you drink it all matter. Read on to find out more…

1. Wine on the water
If you love wine and you love skimming across the waves on a majestic sailboat then a small ship luxury wine cruise is the experience for you. There's no landing at ports and descending en masse with this cruise. A small exclusive party of guests enjoy all the little luxurious extras you would imagine in addition to having an on-board wine team to help make the most of every tasting experience.

2. Wine angels
A spectacular glass tower housing over 4,000 bottles of the Radisson Blu's finest vintage wine ...what will they think of next? This show, best seen in the evenings, will be the most fun you've ever had ordering a bottle of red. Simply ask for your wine of choice and watch in wonder as the 'wine angels' float, twist and pirouette up to your bottle. This hotel in Stansted has really gone for a show-stopping 'Las Vegas' vibe.

3. Wine on the wild side
If you just can't get enough of those new world wines then perhaps a trip to South Africa is more your thing. The Winelands of South Africa are mostly in the Western Cape and are the largest wine producing region in the country. Sure, you can travel here to simply relax and savour the sun drenched grapes that go into making these world class wines but why not pair your trip with a visit to a national game reserve? After all it'd be a shame to come all this way without shooting some big game – with a camera that is.

4. Wind down with some trendy wine
The film Sideways brought wine back into the limelight of popular culture. What could be better than playing out your own buddy movie by visiting the Santa Barbara wine region in California? Simply persuade your best friend to hop on a flight to the sunshine state, hire yourselves an open top all American cruiser and before long you'll be swimming in elegant Chardonnay and perfect Pinot Noir. Not literally – remember to drink responsibly!

5. Wine among the wallabies
When it comes to those new world wines Australia comes out fighting against its rivals. And the premier wine region in Australia is of course – the Hunter Valley. Famed throughout the world for its fruity Semillon, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Verdelho you can't go wrong with a trip down under on a wine adventure. 

Where would you recommend wine lovers go for the best wine tasting experience? 

Guest post by Angus Carbarns.


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