Foods in Nepal's city and Annapurna

In this post, I will talk about the foods we had had during the trip to Annapurna Base Camp and in City. 

In the mountain, there were many kind of dishes allowed us to choose. The menu was provided at every guest house, of course, some of the dishes we really did not know what that is. I got our guide to explain in detailed to us before we made the order. Fortunately, we were quite happy with our foods there.

Western Food

Western Food, this set of food I had in the night at Ghorepani, the day after was the day we reached Poon Hill. The night was a wonderful night, we celebrated our member's birthday, we asked kitchen to prepare a special birthday cake for our team member, superb!!! We sang, we danced and we ate!!! What a wonderful night. More details for this party, please refer to this link.

Mountain Pizza, haha......

Japanese Food

Japanese food was not available in the mountain but city. We had this set of food in Kathmandu, the restaurant is located very near to my hostel. We had had tried two Japanese restaurant in Kathmandu, both were pretty good.

Local Food

I would really want to introduce one local delicious snack I had in Kathmandu and Pohkara, this was really nice come together with beer. It's named Sukudi Sandeko/Chili, tasted crispy and spicy. Must try if you have chance to be there.

Buffalo meat. This food was not easy to get in the mountain, a local resident in the mountain gave us some when we passed by and took a break just beside his house, my mountain guide know him very well.

Other Local food: