Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Smallest Plane I took in my life, Nepal

To climb Annapurna Base Camp, we needed to either take bus or flight to Pohkara. At first, we took bus from Kathmandu to Pohkara, about 7 hours travel time in the bus, quite suffering. After this experience, we decided to took flight after we finish the trek and back to Kathmandu, the flight time was only needed half and hour.

We asked our guide to book the air ticket, the selected airline is GUNA Airline, the price per ticket was about US$70.

Before we took the plane, we did not know how big is the plane, just knew some information from my Hong Kong friend he had the experience on that.

When I saw the plane on the day, I was asking myself whether the plane can fly or not as really too small. And I was thinking the safety issue.

I was heading towards the plane after an hour delay. Looked like I was forcing myself to smile for photo. hahaaaha.

In the plane, there are only 20 seats and is free seat. You can choose whichever the seat you like as there are no pre-seat number.

How small is the plane? Now you know, we didn't even can walk straight, we needed to bend down and walk through the way.

Water and snacks provided during the trip. In the plane, there were 2 pilots and a air hostess.

After half and hour, we arrived Kathmandu airport, everyone relief and happy we reached here safely. Most of us took pictures with plane after alighting, seems many of us never took such a small plane.

Accident Happened (Plane Crashed) the day after
Fortunately, we arrived the destination safely. Why I say like this?? This is because, a plane was clashed on the next day we arrived. 19 people were killed in this accident, killing everyone on board.

Terrible experience!!!

Here is the news:


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