Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Memorable Party in Nepal

During the Annapurna Base Camp trip, we met and joined our new friends, 3 from Japan + 1 from Hong Kong + 1 from Mainland China + 1 from Nepal + 4 local Guide/Porter, we went along with them to our destination. Along the way, we chit-chatted, laughed, supported each other, meals......

There was a memorable party night at Georepani, was the second night in the mountain before we reach Poon Hill summit. The day was the birthday of one of our team mate, she is a lovely girl.

Initially, we did not let her know we would celebrate birthday for her. We organised quietly, we purposely asked kitchen to make a homemade cake within few hours, although the cake looked not very perfect, but this was very surprised that we can have a cake in the mountain an the precious gift we can never forget. 

In addition, our 2 Japanese friend bought a special birthday card in the mountain, I really do not know where they bought it from.

At Georepani, the food and accommodation were the great comparing to the other days.

The girl's name is Mai, she did not know at all what we were doing before we brought out the cake....she was so innocent...haha....

Haha, before we had the party, we had to dry out our hair. Our Guide cum Porter, Raju, is a very funny guy. I am not sure whether he was the first time to use hair dryer as he was very interested in using this equipment.

Now, our dishes are presented by our lovely Guide, Bhakti!!!! He was pretending as a waiter to serve us, what a perfect waiter cum professional guide.

Finally, Bhakti delivered the cake over to Mai, we sang the birthday song together for Mai. Wow what a lovely cake we made and she was so happy and surprised.

At last, we were having a dancing section!!!! Everyone took turn to dance at the center of the circle....whahahah.....Great time man. Honestly, I had never danced like this.

Japanese dance~~~this funny guy is really funny!!! I could not stop my laugh...hahaha...Every night, he needs to drink 3 bottle of beer, even in the high altitude mountain....He was reveled in this dancing time, made us very happy.

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