Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reasons to choose Nepal Trekking for holiday

In the previous article, I did mention that the trekking idea was arose since two years ago. Where actually was recommended by one of my trekking guides who has been organizing tour to Nepal. We have a group of friends who are keen to do trekking all the while, we also had had climbed few small mountains for day tour in Malaysia but we never have experience in trekking for so many days. However, we still decided to challenge ourselves.

Reasons of choosing Nepal:

1. Making Friends
You can know many new friends during the trip who from worldwide, we did talk to people from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Nepal, Korea and so on. In the current society, making friends is one of the important elements in life. We cannot live without friend. From new friends, we can also know about the other knowledge we never know. 

During the Annapurna Base Camp trip, we had met and joined our new friends, 3 from Japanese + 1 from Hong Kong + 1 from Mainland China + 1 from Nepal + 4 Guide/Porter, we went along with them to our destination. Along the way, we chit-chatted, laughed, supported each other, meals......

Definitely, this Is our good fate to meet all of them.

2. Relax and Challenge Ourselves
The laziness will always come to you when you are sinking in a boring life. Of course, the main reason for the trip is relax, to have a deep breath after a long fighting at our working stage.

"Travel is for relax, relax is refresh, giving more energy for fighting the way of staying long term in life!!! Life is colourful, is fantastic, all are depending on how we plan and make it." This sentence is always published at my profile.

We always "pretend" to know our physical and mental limitation, but what the maximum limitation you have, this is the question you never know as human possess a potential ability to cope with the difficulties. 

Wife and myself do not really know our limitation, this made us some worries before we went to the trip, and this was also the reason why we went for workout for 3 months before we stepped on the trip. Of course, we proved ourselves at the end.

3. Photography
Nepal, is one of a good place for photography.

I like to take photo, especially for a stunning landscape. I had did some researches before we went there. The landscape is so beautiful, leading us could not refuse to visit her (the mountains). 

This was the very first time I was so close to the Himalaya mountain range, the enormous view was giving me a really huge surprise, of course I had also taken some good pictures which can satisfy myself.

4. Back to the Nature, good for health
Both of us, wife and myself, like our nature.

We live in town, work in the big city, I ask myself that how much time we really spend on the nature. Life is busy, we have less time to consume our precious hours on the nature, or this is  excuse? Or the laziness making us like this? Or the environmental factors caused this???

At least, we did plan for ourselves for having  climbing sections on a yearly basis, maybe at least 2-3 times a year, regardless easy or difficult level.  

And of course, trekking is a good exercise for our health.

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