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Trekking tracks in Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

To the destination of Annapurna Base Camp, we could not remember how suffer we had been gone through, how happy when we reach the destination, and the uncountable steps we had done so.....

Total 6 of us, the destiny led us joined together and stepped toward to our final destination, Annapurna Base Camp. We walked together, ate together, talked together, laughed together.....of cause we danced together as well!!!

Along the way, we had passed many small villages, met the local residences, talked to the other visitors.....

In this post, I will talk about the tracks we had walked through and came back from there. I will try to describe the way we passed as detailed as possible.

Raining, this was the first day we started our trekking. To us, today was not the difficult day as we were not ascend very much. 

The very first type of track which is in the village, the lane is nice structured and well organised. Easy!!

This was the first challenge we met in the first day. Raining caused the rocks rolling down!!! Landslide!!! You can look at the picture, at the middle, the point who the purple girl standing there was the most dangerous place, the width of the space we could step onto was only 1-2 feets, and the rocks were solf/flaky and sinking slowly when we stepped onto it. If we slipped out from the track, we will be fallen into the river where is just on our right hand side with about 10 meters far from the track.....then will be gone.....

From this image, you cannot imagine how dangerous was there. When we were passing the point, I was praying for everyone, and relieved after that.....

Fortunately, we have a good trekking guide and potters who were guiding us and helping us to pass through all these difficulty.

I cannot forget this experience in my life.

There are not many drawbridges in the trek of Annapurna Base Camp. Not dangerous and not long distance, but we were always walked slowly slowly.....

Waterfall!!! We were having a good smiles there with no expectation of the dangerous of bridge. We were lucky we never had accident here when we passed through and toward ABC. Why I say like this? We passed this bridge two times, go to and back from Annapurna Base Camp. The time we back from ABC, the bridge was broken and in the midst of re-building, meaning that if the bridge is broken when we are taking photos, then we will be gone....We are lucky guys!!! haha.

We met a lot of donkeys in group carrying goods up and down to/from the town. This is the reason why we saw so many dirty donkey shit on the road, smell man!!! By the way, they are earning money with their hard work, is a tough job.

Stairsteps!!! This picture was taken when we were back from Poon Hill. Stairway sound terrible to me, too tiring~~~. Especially, the track from Chomrong to Sinuwa, that is a very "Good" experience to challenge ourselves, there were about 3000 stair steps (up and down) we passed through..... Anyway, the on they way, we enjoyed the nature, the works of God, the beautiful of the nature could lead you forget the tiring.

Our guide and potters were very helpful, they took good care about us. They worried about wetting our shoes when passing through the river, they purposely gather some bigger rocks and make up to way for us. Good service!!!

This was another dangerous place where the rocks/soils were soft/flaky.

This was the day we reach the destination, Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). The track is much more easy compare to the previous days. Although, the weather is not very good, was a foggy day. Along the way, we could see a lot of flowers living there, rivers, rocks, and of course Mountains!!!

This was the last day trekking. Although, more on descent, but was also an eight hours walk under a burning weather.

We met 3 buffaloes on last trekking day. They were very smart as using a natural "swimming pool" to cool down their body heat, they were enjoying their "spa" on a very hot day.

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up about trekking of ABC! Thanks for sharing! May I know how much you pay for the ABC trekking package, is it possible to share? Actually I saw your article in and PM you my questions, if possible could you give me a reply? Thank you!

Oi Cin

The Travel Paradise said...

Hihi, oh.....I really did not notice your pm in the forum, so sorry.

By the way, you can refer my package cost in the another article here.

Hope this help.

Let me know if you have any other question.

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