The Most Beautiful Places I have visited in New Zealand

During the trip, I had taken thousand of pictures back to home, killed of kilo megabytes of  memory card by recording videos as well.

There were many experiences and memorable memories I had met during this New Zealand honeymoon trip, definitely my wife and I will keep in our mind forever.

At here, I would like to make a summary for the places I have visited where I think is highly recommended for you to visit too.

1. Lake Tekapo
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2. Queenstown
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3. Wanaka
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4. Milford Sound
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  1. hi!

    I'm planning a trip to NZ this November and have one night's stay at both Lake Tekapo and Wanaka. Just wanted an opinion - do you think Lake Tekapo is worth a visit for the stargazing alone? Or should I just spend both nights at Wanaka? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi, yes, you should stay at Tekapo for a night if you like night photo shooting for astrophotogrhy. It is worth.

  3. Hey, thanks so much for the quick reply! There's so many things to do in New Zealand I wish I had more time! :)

  4. You are welcome. Enjoy your holiday in NZ.


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