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Nepal Trekking Trip - Day 1 in Kathmandu

Image was taken when the flight was landing to Kathmandu Airport, very surprising that how crowded the housing structure is when I looked out from the window of aircraft. wow!!!
Morning 3.30am, we woke up and prepared to set off from home to airport. The Nepal trip was just began!!!

We was very excited, was thinking of how the trip is and looked forward to have a wonderful and memorable trip.

We set off from home at 4am and reached airport at around 4.45am, felt sleepy but delighted.

Thai Airway
On 14/9/12, we set off from Singapore to Kathmandu by Thai Airway at early morning of 7am. In between, we transited to Bangkok and then flew again to Kathmandu. The whole flight took about 6 hours including waiting time in Bangkok.

The cost of the returned flight ticket was about USD750 per person, including 2 meals per trip, so total 4 meals for 2 ways flight.

For the seat, as we booked the air ticket 2 months before, so we were able to book 2 seated placed at almost end of the flight. Space is big enough and comfortable.

This was the very first time I took Thai Airway to oversea. The first image of Thai Airway was very great especially the courtesy of flight crew and their good attitude on working. They really cared about their client, nothing to complaint for their services actually.

Kathmandu Airport
We reached Kathmandu's international airport at 1pm (Kathmandu's local time). Due to there is no embassy in Singapore, after we alighted from flight, we moved towards to get our visitor Visa at the airport. This took about half and hour to process the Visa as many people were queuing for Visa.

(For Visa application, do prepare a passport photo for application. Of course, money as well.)

In the airport, you can simply see many travelers come here for trekking, they are from different countries, some of them have been visiting Nepal for several times.

After we stepped out from the airport, there were many travel agents waiting over the station for introducing taxi or travel packages to us. Luckily, we had already booked our freelance travel guide who had already arrange transport and accommodation. 

However, one thing I have to say that, those travel agents are very friendly and polite, they are not like forcing you to have their package or taxi. How I know? As when I checked out from airport, I could not get my travel guide on the spot and I tried calling him but could not reach him as well, so I was thinking whether I called the wrong country code or other method to use my phone to call Nepal local phone. Then, got one travel agent saw that I looked like bad in searching something, he came and helped me and taught me how to call out and finally I got my travel guide.

Kathmandu Taxi

The first image of taxi in Kathmandu is, small, all white, window opened and no air-condition :). We brought along 4 backpacks (2 big and 2 small), there was just enough seat place for both of us to sit in and put the backpacks into boot. However, the driver is friendly, their driving skill is super good, I don't think I can drive well in Kathmandu as the traffic there is really "Complicated"~~ haha.

We did experience to get our taxi without travel guide. Before we get into the taxi, we asked for the price and bargain the fare as low as possible. As we have a special friend who is from Hong Kong, his bargain's tactics was super good, haha, that's why we had a very good fare "offered" by the taxi driver :).

What I want to highlight to you is you have to close you mouth tightly as you are surrounded by dusts when you are on the road, is a very good experience....hehhehe :)

Kathmandu Accommodation
(Room for 1st & 2nd Night)
After that, we were heading to our accommodation. According to our guide, where considered good condition in Kathmandu.

This hotel provides several types of room, we we staying in a double room without air-condition but with a ceiling fan. We stayed in this hotel for 4 nights, Day 1 & 2 and the last 2 night in Kathmandu. 

You can actually ask the bell boy to bring you have a look of the room, you can change if you do not like, but subject to room available.

(Room for last night and second last night in Kathmandu)
The location of the accommodation is quite convenient for us to shopping around there. There is a tourist area, a lot of shops are selling the trekking items and souvenirs.

The only thing I would like to complaint is that, there are quite noisy around the city, even in the hotel you still can hear the noise as motor vehicles are always having horn to alert the pedestrian, but this action is causing people feel whiny.

Here is the information of our accommodation:
Name: Tibet Guest House 
Address: Chhetrapati-Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal 10586

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