Friday, October 26, 2012

Enjoying a perfect holiday in Berlin

Image by djchirstus
Guest Post by Pradeep.

This year, when my company decided to send me to attend the International Trade Fair in Berlin, I was beside myself with happiness. My interest in International politics that stems from a rich past made me excited to visit this destination. I started accumulating information about this destination in earnest while my travel department was busy putting my travel arrangements in place. Since this was going to be an official visit, my office was searchingy high and low for cheap flight tickets. They decided to look for cheap airfaresthat are offered by several flights to Berlin. Finally, my tickets were booked on Air France. With tickets booked, I was mentally tension free and was able to concentrate on my impending travel.
After reading some travel related magazines, I came to know that this city is truly fascinating to explore. Several historical landmarks and monuments dot the city landscape. History enthusiasts, like me have several attractions to look forward to and enjoy. Moreover, the city hosts a variety of events, concerts, trade shows, exhibitions, seminars and conferences round the year. This brings a large number of visitors to this city every year through cheap flights to Berlin. Moreover, the city has also gained widespread popularity for its art, music, culture and fashion scene. Every year, some global level events, are organized by various organizations that make the city popular in the global arena. During my visit, there was no such significant event planned, but I consoled myself with the information that the city also offers several impromptu street shows that offer a glimpse into the history, culture and traditions of this place.
Finally, the day arrived when I reached this beautiful city. Since, the city played a prominent role in the World War II, I could see several monuments that act as an evidence to that era. Several museums and art galleries displays a wide array of exhibits from the erstwhile times. On the first day, I decided to stay back in the hotel and relax and the Next day, after attending the trade fair for which I had come to this city, I decided to visit Panoramapunkt to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city. This place looks quite an impressive with its high skyline. I also visited the famous Berlin War that is a symbol of freedom from oppression. Close to this Berlin Wall, there are several museums, monuments and art galleries where one can take a peek into the ancient times.
There is a famous Jewish Museum that is one of its kind museums in Europe. I came to know more about the Jews and their cause after visiting this museum. Many tourists coming here using cheap tickets to Berlin come here out of curiosity to know more about the cause that resulted in World Wars. This trip was no doubt truly memorable for me, and I decided to come back again when the opportunity arose!


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