Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What to do in the Airport whilst going on holiday to Florida

Guest Post by Chris Taylor.

With a potential nine hour flight ahead of you, thanks to cheap flights to Florida in 2013 with Florida 4 Less, perhaps it is about time to do but a little bit of research and find out just what there is to do both at the airport, and in the air.

With so many airports currently flying to Florida, it’s sometimes hard to choose the right one; a lot of it is down to which airline you want to fly with. With that in mind, here is a list of the major airports and the airlines that currently fly to Florida:

Virgin, British Airways, American Airlines
London Gatwick:
British Airways, Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson
 Virgin, Thomas Cook, Thomson

Also, Thomson Airways fly to Orlando-Stanford during the seasonal periods from Birmingham 
International Airport.

If however, you’re looking for excitement within the airports, then Heathrow Airport is probably where it’s at. Hidden within Terminal 5 is the airport’s very own art gallery; showcasing some of the best British artists ranging from paintings to sculptures; offering you the perfect opportunity to relax before your flight.

Also within the very same Terminal is the Be Relax Spa that is situated just after the security gates. If you find yourself travelling alone, or with a partner this is a perfect opportunity to relax and get focus on starting one of the best holidays of your life.

But what if you’re a nervous flyer?
Nervous fliers are more common than you might think, and being one itself is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Here are a few tips about flying scared:

1. Don’t conceal your fear. A little word with the flight attendant is all you need and they will look after you to the best of their ability; the main thing to realise is that having a fear of flying is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

2. If you can, ask for a seat near the front of the aircraft; this will reduce any turbulence that the plane encounters.

3. Avoid all caffeine as this will encourage an overactive imagination and make worse your anxiety. On a similar note, drink as many liquids as possible; dehydration accelerates the fear processes within your mind.

4. And to take your mind off of the thousands of feet that you’re currently sitting on, read a book or take your MP3 player with you. As long as you switch it onto flight mode, the device will not interfere with the plane’s internal systems.

5. One technique, as used by high flyers all over the world, is to wrap a rubber band around one wrist. The trick is to (whilst agitated) pull back on the band, snapping it against your wrist. This small sensation of pain will then focus the body’s attention to the wrist; taking your mind from the anxiety whilst bringing you back to reality. Simple!

But what is there to do in Orlando International Airport?
Like its British counterparts, Orlando International Airport is simply stacked with fun things to do, ensuring that you don’t spend the last few hours of your holiday staring at the cold terminal floor.

Much like Heathrow, Orlando International also hosts its own Art Gallery that exhibits a colourful mix of international and regional art.

Also like Heathrow, the airport offers you the chance to enjoy a massage at its very own d_eparture Spa (the world’s first eco-friendly airport spa),  found in terminal B. Gratefully, each massage also lists how long each procedure takes; making sure that you don’t miss you flight back to the UK, because that would be simply disastrous!


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