Friday, August 31, 2012

Photography on Singapore National Day 2012

I have been planning to shoot firework since very long time ago. Singapore National Day Parade was a very great time for shooting firework as the overall landscape composition is really nice there.

Singapore National Day Parade (NDP)
09 August 2012 was the actual day of Singapore National Day Parade. Many people joined this national day parade, not only local citizens but also tourists and foreigners. Of course, many full-time or part-time professional photographers were there for shooting the events. The official commence time is 6pm, we arrived there at 4.30pm, it was unexpected crowded people surrounded everywhere, we didn't expect this kind of situation happened as this was the first time we joined parade on actual day. 

My Shooting Stand Point
We could not find a good place after half and hours on searching as all good points already parked by others. End up, we were forced to park at a far far away viewing point which was not perfect but at least was able to shoot the firework.

In addition, my stand point was also surrounded by people, people were walking, passing by, chit chatting, blocking my camera.......In front of me, had another few photograph amateur, they were standby there also for photograph, and then end up their heads were captured in my photo.....hahaha....I could only say this would chalk up to I was late there!!! 

NDP Rehearsal
However, there were several rehearsals were held before 09 Aug 2012, all were on Saturday 6pm to 8pm. I went to the rehearsal for twice and once on the actual day. Actually the program of rehearsal was totally same as the actual day, after this time experience, I would prefer to attend rehearsal rather than the actual day as too crowded on actual day where disturbing our photography activity.

Timing of Firework
This was the first time we tried to take firework. What I had learnt from here is, we have to attend the rehearsal for few times to confirm the timing of firework, this is very important as you will not miss out any of the firework performance.

Black card tactic is also important. I was using black card on actual day only, I did not use it during twice in rehearsal, and I felt that the result of using black card would be better.

Garden By The Bay
There is a newly constructed attraction which is located at just beside the Marina Bay Sand called Garden By The Bay which was just opened to public about 2 months ago. I went there, not bad.

Belows are the photos I had taken on the actual day and rehearsal: 


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