A green holiday in the nature between Amalfi and Nerano

In recent years we often hear about green holidays. But what does it mean? The green holidays are holidays immersed in nature, holiday destinations that offer the possibility of hiking and trekking, walking in direct contact with nature.

The green holidays are a way to rediscover your natural contact with the environment and find your own peacefulness and serenity, a good holiday for both body and mind, and that fortunately can also be done on the peninsula without any difficulty. Even in Italy there are in fact few unspoiled places where nature is still living in the wild and where there are very many walks specially designed to enjoy this nature without any kind of danger or distress.

The most popular green holidays are definitely those winding between Amalfi and Nerano in the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The territory of the Amalfi Coast offers numerous hiking trails and walks of varying difficulty surrounded by nature giving you the chance to enjoy the smells and sounds of the Mediterranean and discover breathtaking views. The paths connect the various towns of this territory, towns that rise above the sea rich in history and tradition as well as luxury.

Then choose an Amalfi Coast bed and breakfast if you are looking for an exceptional place to live for a truly extraordinary green holiday, a holiday that can put you back in touch with nature but also with yourself.

Nerano bay is perfect for those who love the green but also a relaxing vacation, for those who want to fully enjoy the wilderness but who do not want to give up the comfort and the many services that are available in this area. A dream holiday then, a special holiday.

Scents of Autumn on the Amalfi Coast

Autumn is a lovely time, the time of year when temperatures are milder, and finally the world begins to change under less intense lights and more delicate flavors. Not everyone loves this time of year but for those who are interested we must advise you to go to one of the many places that the Amalfi Coast offers in order to live fully every emotion.

In the Amalfi Coast in autumn you can still live a wonderful nature, thanks to the many walks still possible in this period. Of course, the beach life that is normally done in the summer is not possible given the cooler temperatures but despite this, the sea remains a work of art that nature gives us to watch and enjoy, an intense blue where to find their peace and wellbeing.

Staying in Amalfi Coast means to live all this and more, it means to pull the plug from the routine of your lives and manage to find yourself, in short, a way to recharge your energy and finally feel good again.

An Amalfi Coast hotel offers you the chance to discover these areas, to go hiking and boating, flying by helicopter over the Mediterranean and to go shopping at the many boutiques and shops of craftsmen ready to offer their valuable goods. Do not forget of course the opportunity to enjoy exceptional cuisine with flavors and tastes typical of these areas.