Yeah!!! Plan to go Nepal for trekking

Annapurna 1999
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Yes!!! Travel Again~~~
Oop~~~ I have been quite a long time did not go for long vacation since last year September where I went to Hong Kong for a week with my wife. Quite a number of countries I inted to visit, eg India, Tibet, Combodia, Vietnam, Taiwan.....and of course Nepal !!

I have this idea trekking in Nepal about two years ago. Where actually was recommended by one of my trekking guides who has been organizing tour to Nepal. We have a group of friends who are keen to do trekking all the while, we also had had climbed some small mountains for day tour in Malaysia but we never have experience in trekking for many days. We decided to challenge ourselves.

According to the weather condition, the best season for visiting Nepal is about Oct-Nov and Mar-May, however, due to some circumstances, We have decided to go in September, tentatively, the period is from 14 Sept 2012 to 29 Sept 2012, I have not bought the air ticket yet. 

I understand that this period is just passed over the monsoon period (normally monsoon will start from June and end at mid of Sept), but actually I am still worried the period will affect our tour.

Trekking Guide
From a forum, we was recommended a Nepal trekking guide who has about 15 years trekking experience in Nepal. As per forum said, he is quite responsible and taking good care of his customers. I have gotten a quotation from him for Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) 16 days trip for 2 persons, is US$850 per person. The price is quite reasonable and acceptable.

The Package include:

  • Pick up from International airport 
  • 3 Night in Kathmandu hotel 
  • sight seen in Kathmandu ( Not included the entry fee in different Places )
  • Sight seen in Pokhara (  Not included the entry fee in different Places )
  • Transport from Kathmandu-- pokhara-- Kathmandu by tourist Bus 
  • 3 night pokhara hotel 
  • Trekking Document ( Tims and Permits )
  • Guide me as a whole Nepal trips 
  • 1 Porter during the trekking  
  • food during the trekking (Not in pokhara and Karhmandu ) BLD ( Break fast /Lunch / Dinner )
  • Accommodation during the trek ( the best One in the town )
  • Transport from pokhara hotel to trekking start point and trek end point to Pokhara hotel 
  • Farewell from Airport 
Trekking Route
Since June'12, we have been starting to get some information about Nepal trip, there are many different trekking routes available for you to choose, depend on your preference and fitness, you can easily get one route to suit your requirement. However, I am really puzzled which route to choose.

Due to the physical fitness problem, we are worried that we could not reach higher altitude, said above 4500m so that we have to go for either Lantang route or Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) route, both routes require to walk 5-7 hours per day for continuous 8-10 days.... tiring ya!!!

However, which one is better? Any one had been there? Please share here, thanks.

Initially, we have 5 persons joining this tour, but due to some personal reasons, end up is only left two of us, my wife and myself. Never mind, we can still make it.

Next, we need to prepare ourselves, not only physically but also mentally. Workout three to four times a week and go shopping for buying some equipment. Still have 2 months to go, is quite rush to prepare. :)

I hope I can complete this trek successfully in this coming Sept, wish me luck!!!


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