Friday, July 13, 2012

Guest Post- Backpackers Guide to Edmonton, Canada

The glorious city of Edmonton is a beautiful and culturally rich travel destination. With a chain of festivals running all year round, a thriving performing arts scene and world class art galleries, this destination does not run out of options when it comes to cultural offerings. The city also has its own fair share of striking landmarks for architectural enthusiasts to see. From the Alberta Legislature to the Art Gallery of Alberta to the Muttart Conservatory in downtown Edmonton, the city’s diverse architectural landscape is indeed a spectacle to relish. Even those who are more inclined to historical sites will be fascinated by Fort Edmonton Park, the only park that enacts the city’s history. Whether you come to visit the picturesque urban parks or for a relaxing vacation in one of the city’s luxury hotels, a vacation spent in Edmonton will surely turn out to be a great experience.

However, Edmonton is probably one of the best Canadian destinations for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. Being home to the largest urban parkland expanse in North America, there are indeed plenty of outdoor activities to take on in this Northern city.

Hiking and Biking.

With over 100 miles of recreational trails, hiking and biking are popular activities in Edmonton and the relatively level terrain of the river valley invites hikers of all ages and abilities. Hiking expeditions can however be challenging while traversing the expansive parklands in the chilly winter weather. For better navigation along the trails, hikers are advised to carry maps of the area and especially if it’s their first time out in the vast river valley. Backpackers that hike through the parklands can take advantage of camping grounds and fishing spots that are located in several parks throughout the river valley.


Whether you prefer to trek or cycle through Edmonton’s hiking trails, you will be awed by the breathtaking landscape of the urban parklands which offer marvelous views of gapping ravines, serene lakes and lush green vegetation during the summer season. Edmonton’s stunning glass, steel and concrete jungle of skyscrapers is also visible from the urban parklands which offer some of the most scenic views of the city’s skyline. With over 16 hours of daylight during summer, sightseeing excursions can extend for longer hours presenting you with the opportunity of making the most out of the amazing sights that Edmonton has to offer.

Wildlife Viewing

Whilst exploring Edmonton’s natural side, wildlife viewing is also one of the unique activities that backpackers can enjoy. One of the best places to view wildlife in their natural habitat is the Elk Island National Park, Edmonton’s best wildlife preserve. From native grazing mammals to hundreds of different species of exotic birds, there are plenty of animals to be seen at the park in all the different four seasons of the year.

With all the different backpacking activities that Edmonton has to offer, this destination should indeed be on your list of destinations to visit when planning for a nature excursion in Canada. However, when making travel arrangements try to make hotel reservations in advance as it can be particularly hard to find accommodation in Edmonton especially during the high season. As a backpacker, always remember to book for a Bed & Breakfast arrangements so that you can have your hearty meals early in the day before hitting the road!

Author Bio:
Paul Olij is a marketer and freelance writer who also loves to travel. He believes that everyone should travel for the unique experience of meeting new people and seeing new places. 


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