Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Food in Hong Kong (Part 1)

Hong Kong is a city where many people shopping and searching foods there. My first impression of Hong Kong is a place is full of delicious food, not even the Chinese food but also other foreign various foods.

Food recommendation:
1. Dao Xiang (稻香) Dim Sim 
This restaurant is very well-known in Hong Kong, especially for the local resident, they always come for breakfast in morning. Dao Xiang (稻香) is not only providing Dim Sim but also doing steamboat in night session.

My wife and I had already known this restaurant before we visited Hong Kong, this is the restaurant we planned to visit actually, the must.

Please remember that the Dim Sim is only available in Morning as I experienced visiting the restaurant in night but failed to get it.

The restaurant is always full of customers, especially in morning. We reached there about 8.30am, but was already full house, we waited at the counter for about 15 minutes, and also was being arranged seat with other customers (share the table, this is the culture in Hong Kong). For the culture in Hong Kong, you can see a lot of retired local residents are spending their time there in the Morning, they enjoy the life like chit chatting, reading news paper and so on.....

Haha~~~ There are really many many choices of Dim Sim, my wife's slaver was coming out when I saw the menu :) we actually would like to try every item, but not able to do so as we were only two persons. As we really wanted to try more dishes, we came this restaurant for two times in this trip....hhaha....but is still not enough, I think we need to plan and come here again in next HK trip :)

We ordered few dishes and a pot of tea. Their service is not bad, and the food was served in very soon after the order and of course very tasty!!!! The price is reasonable.

Some dishes we had taken on the first visit:

(HIGHLY recommended!!!)

For the second visit:

2. Tian Hao Yun (添好运) Dim Sim 
This restaurant was recommended by my friend.
Address: Shop 8, Taui Yuen Mansion Phase 2, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street
Operation hour: 10:00am - 22:00pm (7 days a week)

As this restaurant is located quite close to my hostel, we went there by walk and reach there about 9am. We realised that the shop was only started at 10am and there was no one queue up at the moment, so we went to other place and walked around. There was unexpected that the queue was very long after 15 minutes later when we came back. WHAT A SURPRISE!!! We really worried that we were unable to get into the shop as the queue was long long and long......

Honestly, the space of the shop is quiet small but comfortable, probably can only content of 30 persons at a time. Due to it's reputation, the queue was already very long at 9.30am. However, we were in good luck to get into shop as first batch customer.

One of the remarkable memory here is, the lady boss is STRONG in management (indirectly speaking, she is fierce:)) haha, but she is also kind actually. She was really impress me when she arranged customers to be seated. She was not requested gently but was in instruction. However, this was very efficient. Good Management then~~  

Overall, I really like the Dim Sim in Hong Kong, the great taste I never had before in Malaysia and Singapore. 

p/s: To me, the quality and service of Dao Xiang is a little bit better than Tian Hao Yun, just a personal opinion.


Too CL said...

i disagree with your comment that the taste of dim sum in hk is better than malaysia. in fact, i found that malaysia's dim sum has more varieties than in hk. Our sifu has learned hk technique and invented much more variety than in hk.
i went to dao xiang before. To me, i feel so so only. Nothing impressive. Our ipoh and kl famous dim sum shop are comparable!

The Travel Paradise said...

Hi Too,

Thanks for your comment my friend.

By the way, I never said that dim sum in hk is better than Malaysia. As I have not been all dim sum restaurants in Malaysia, especially KL and Ipoh, so I could not comment the comparison of dim sum between this two countries.

I would say sorry if there is any misleading wording in my article above.

I think different place has their own special taste, and also different ppl have their own favorites.

To you, maybe Dao Xiang cannot satisfy your personal requirement, but why not the other ppl??

I just want to share share my opinion lor ^.^

Please advise me if there is any thing wrong in my article, so I can improve. Anyway, Thanks Too!

Too CL said...

u didnt write anything wrong in your article. Just my comment on the HK food. I think it is overrated by most people. Perhaps, malaysia food tasted better than hk which our food are the combination from chinese,malay,indian,indonesia,thai,western,etc. The true food heaven is at malaysia which get lesser publicity by the international tourist. This is why now even singapore is claming that bak kut teh, hainan chinese rice, yu shang as their local cuisine. In fact, all these food were originated from malaysia. Thus, i hope blogger gives a fair comment to our food as well.

Anonymous said...

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tcl said...

the recent tong pak fu's insultation to malaysia food is the best example of the impact of if we overpraise their food.

The Travel Paradise said...

You are right.

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