Backpack versus Joining Group Tour in New Zealand

I have been being asked by my friends and readers that, what is the different between backpack and joining group tour in New Zealand? What is the cost different?

The definition of Backpacking is form of low-cost, independent international travel. Planning by backpacker themselves. 

Please take note that, in this post, the meaning of "Backpack" is for both travel styles of Backpack and Free-and-Easy.

Cost Difference
Firstly, we talk about the cost spent between backpack and tour. Personally thinking that there are quite a number of uncertainties that can cause the huge cost different due to the personal style of traveling by backpack which is different from person to person. Two type of backpackers we have here, the first one is trying to save as much as possible who doesn't care about the quality of staying and eating, the only thing they care is about the experience; while the second type is caring about the quality of living and others as well as the experience.

This two different type of backpackers would cause a big different in spending attitude. Haha, but I would say that I am not the second type as I am POOR~~~  :)

Some examples here for the uncertainties:
1. Hotel vs Backpacker hostel
2. Dinner in 5 star hotel vs self-cooking in hostel
3. Paid vs free activities
4. Budget vs luxury rental car
5. Others.....

Hence, this is very difficult to compare between backpack and joining tour. Unless, you are able to find out what exactly the tour provided (eg. meal, activities, accommodation..), then you can compare the price between backpack and tour. By the way, most of the tours are providing higher standard of living and meals with higher tour fees, there is definitely will cost you higher if you are doing backpack with the same quality as the tour.

Benefits of Different Travel Style 
Backpack - The itinerary is planned / set by backpacker. Backpackers do all the researches before reaching the destination by themselves. 
1. There are plenty of time for you to travel around without disturbing by travel guide;
2. Free of surprise when backpacker can see some uncertainties;
3. Option to choose activities;
4. Can decide how to spend money on meal and accommodation;
5. Free of amendment of itinerary.

Tour - The itinerary is set by the travel agent.
1. No worry of the itinerary;
2. Followed by a travel guide to take care of his customer;
3. Travel guide can brief the background / history / story of the destination;
4. No worry of the uncertainties;
5. Staying in better accommodation and better meal. 


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