Oamaru New Zealand - BBH Old Bones

Oamaru New Zealand - BBH Old Bones
After having a great time at Moeraki Boulder, was about 3pm. As this was the check-in time for our accomodation, and we would like to go out to town center after checking-in, hence we decided to drive directly toward our accomodation, BBH Old Bones in Oamaru, a lovely place for staying.

BBH - Old Bones
I would like to recommend this hostel to you all. Quite a nice place.

Old Bones is located at the area about 4.6km from Oamaru centre and having a great Pacific Ocean view. We drove slowly to get there as we would like to have a relax landscape viewing along the way to there.

When we arrived there, there was a big parking area for us to park our car. Do not need to worry the limitation of car park, is really big and tidy. We went into the building but the door was locked and no one was in the building, we were so worried as we could not get any one to check-in. However, after a few minutes of looking around, we realized that there was a phone you can contact the landlord for asking them come out for accommodation registration. After the call, the landlord came out in few minutes and showed us the facilities and brought us to our room.

The inner decoration is great and clean. You are not allowed to wear outside shoes in the building, your dirty shoes must put outside the building. 

For the facilities in Old Bones, there is a bath room (sharing) and big kitchen. And also a computer with internet access, you can use it if you like with a password given by landlord, is free-of-charge. Of course, the computer is not only for you, is for every tenant there, so be courtliness if someone is waiting for using the computer.

For our room, twin sharing room, tidy and clean. There is a very special design for the building as well as the room. Usually, room is designed with only one entrance (one door), however, Old Bone's rooms have two doors, one is from the inside; one is from outside. Meaning that, you are able to get into your room directly from outside without passing through the main door of the building, and also you can get into your room from inside of building, if you like. For mattress, is attached with heater and comfortable enough.

The living room is attached with the kitchen, few sofas/chairs and TV provided. This is a good environment to relax and chit-chatting with others. The living room is also designed with a long French window, we are able to view the outside landscape from building inside.

For bathroom, quite standard. However, from using the bath room, I realized that the landlord is providing a good service as there is a small stepped stool in this bath room for the kids who are not high enough to use the washbowl.

For gardening, the maintenance job is being well-structured. I like that.

To me, every thing is great here except the heater system. The heater system was not working very well as I felt quite cold in night sleep even though the heater is attached with the mattress, but still cold. Especially when I was bathing, too cold and I was trying to finish my bathing as fast as possible, in minutes.