Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest Post - Plan Your Journey To London With 5 Easy Decisions

Always on top of travel lover’s list, London is full of tourists in every season. This multifaceted city gives different reasons for travellers to be here. Everyone who is enticed by the charms of this city, can plan a trip over here with 5 easy steps. With options giving a melange of choice from affordable to highly expensive things, there is a pressing need to make right selections.

These 5 journey-planning steps make any trip to London glitch-free:

Decide the Budget
Clear the budget in your mind, before you start planning a trip to the city. On a trip to London, people are likely to spend more money than they can afford. With the primary concern of budget addressed, you can move on to allocating the money for various purposes. Decide, how much do you plan to spend on transportation, adventure sports, on its iconic attractions, its world popular theatrical and musical performances. Allocation of budget will depend on the particular interest of a traveller. Save maximum for the most fascinating activity.

Find a Stay Location 

A right choice of location in London can save a lot of money. It is important to find a stay in an area, which keeps you close to the major ‘things to do’, planned for the vacation. This discretion saves money from local commutation. It will be most convenient to book a stay somewhere in central part of the city, as there are enough secret hotels in London at londonhotels4u.com which take care of a meagre budget. And if you are a luxury lover, its exquisite 5 star and 4 star accommodations will keep you surrounded with luxuries. Besides, eating options are richer over here, with cuisines from various countries accumulated here at its restaurants.  

Packing List
While planning the packing list, travellers need to consider the season and weather of London. If you are travelling during summer season, there can be a sudden downpour of rain, which can turn you a little wet and cold. For winter trips, having enough warm cloths are essential to keep you safe from the harsh weather conditions. Besides, add these throngs of indispensables to your bag: hairdryer, adapter, camera, shoes, swimsuit, raincoat, sunscreen, lotion, tweezers, credit card, money in pound..

Plan an Itinerary
There is so much to view, experience and enjoy in London, that you might feel baffled by the choices. It is better to find out what all is there and plan out an intermarry before you take to travel. View its iconic attractions that cover everything from history to science. London has some adventure sports too, which will keep you on the edge of euphoria. A rich store of entertainment has every form of art here, which are found on streets to most traditional opera houses. Travellers can plan each day of the trip extensively, and register for the planed things to do, enough time before. Purchasing a London Pass will make your visits easy and affordable. Get a recharge of this pass, and enjoy discounted entries to various attractions.

Local Transport
London has a highly developed transportation system, with an efficient tube link connecting all the areas of the city. Visitors can easily shuttle from one part to another, with these connections. Besides, you will find an efficient railway bus link connecting the city, while you can also hire taxis, cabs and cars. Transportation is expensive in London. The cheapest way to commute is through tube links and Oyster cards will further make the travel cheaper for the tourists. Use these cards to travel within the city.

Plan your travel to London, to appreciate its astounding topography. Its rich nature, art and resourceful options will revive life in you.

Author’s Bio: Abhinav Jain is the associate editor of Londonhotels4u.com which brings you a wide range of London hotels, in all the areas of this city. Also an avid traveler, he writes down his suggestions based on his travels.              


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