Thursday, May 3, 2012

Underworld Adventures Cave Rafting, New Zealand

If you never play the water rafting, I would like to introduce one activity which will give you an unforgetable memory. This an interesting activity in South Island of New Zealand which is similar with Black Water Rafting, called Underworld Adventure Tour located at Chaleston.

The info of this tour:
Address: Adjacent to the Charleston Hotel,State Highway 6, west coast , south island.
Tel: 03-7888168
Time: Trips depart 9am, 11.30am, 2.00pm (Winter 10.00am, 12.30pm)

This tour company provides 3 lines of activity:
1. Underworld Rafting NZ$165
2 Glow Worm Cave Tour + Adventure Cave NZ$105
3. Rainforest Train NZ$20
The combo package is about NZ$425

This company is a small family orientated Adventure Tourism Company and they have developed since our inception in 1989 with good reputation.  

Other details:
The Guide is totally familiar with the cave and its environs having trained and conducted many trips in all conditions through the system. The Guide was showing good practice in working in with his fellow Guides so as to coordinate the groups so as to get the best experience for all being one party in a multiple guided party situation.

For non-swimmer, you do not really need to worry about you do not know swimming as you will be giving a tube and the guide will make sure your safety to hold you with the tube all the while while playing this activity.

Once you are ready, the guide will provide a set of equipment, eg. waterproof safety shoes, socks, safety helmet, towel and a big bag.

Bus will bring you to Paparoa National Park with 10 minutes drive, then need to take on another small train to the awe-inspiring nile river glowworm cave. After reach the destination, you will be instructed to equip all the necessaries, including changing cloth. Here is a very interesting thing need to share with you, there are no any room/shelter for you to change cloth, you need to "take off" everything in public, so shy :). What you can do is changing cloth behind the trees if you are not dare to "show" others in public haha :)

The trip required a short climb, is quite tiring if you are not being well-trained, however, please don't be so worried as they will be waiting for you. 

Inside the cave, there are many glow worm living there, the amazing scene will give you "wow"!!! After this, you do not need to visit Te Anau glow worm cave actually if you do not have much time. After drifting from the cave, one thing will surprise you, you will see a beautiful waterfall and rainbow when the sunshine is on the water. Awesome!!!!

One of the lovely thing is, the guide will help the visitors to take photos all along the way, the photos will be shared on their website for free download.

The whole trip needs about 4 hour. You will achieve a certificate after you complete this trip and a group photo.

From the view of Tripadvisor, 22 person voted Excellent, 4 for Goods, 1 for Average, 1 for Poor and 1 for Terrible.


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