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Travel Paradise - Dunedin New Zealand (Part 2)

Dunedin New Zealand (Part 2)
Dunedin Railway Station
We went to visit this old building as this is the important landmark in Dunedin. The building was built in 1906 and designed by George Troup, the station is with fourth building to serve as Dunedin's railway station. It was also called with an architect the nickname of "Gingerbread George". 

In its early days, the station was the country's busiest railway station which was handling up to 100 trains a day. In addition, this railway station was used to have dock platforms at both the north and south ends and a crossover midway along the main platform. 

This building is nice structured, the southern end of the building is dominated by the 37-metre clocktower which is visible from much of central Dunedin. The maintenance work of the gardening is also well performed. The plantation is flourishing and colourful, although the season we visited the garden was not so beautiful as this was not the season with fully blooming. We did see some colourful flowers and took some pictures for our collection and memory.

Inside the building, was terribly calm and quiet, no others except my wife and myself. From the floor tiles, you can easily know this building is with old age, as the building material and the pattern of the tiles are such an antique.

On the other face of the building(behind of the building), is the railway. The picture I had taken here is the platform of Dunedin Railway, the train is standby there. It might be not the right time to visit here as the platform was without anyone waiting the train, the boarding time was yet reached.

Larnach Castle
Larnach Castle was one of the destination we planned to visit. 

In the earlier stage, the owner and builder of this building is William Larnach who was born in 1833. And the building was being built by 200 workers for 3 years for the shell, 12 years for the interior's embellishment.

The life of Larnach is not happy ending, dreadful tragedy. He had been married with 3 wife, the 1st 2 wifes ware died in their 38 years old separately, William married another much younger lady after the 2 wifes were dead.

Larnach was struck by tragedy when his favourite daughter Kate died in her 20s. Five of the children were sent to England for their education. This meant long sea voyages and a lot of time away from the Castle and family.

Due to there was no intestate succession, the family was torn apart by legal battle over Larnach's property after Larnach commited suicide. The family then sold the Castle in 1906.

Is a tragedy ya~~~~ Actually, I felt sad when I knew this doleful story.

The space of Larnach Castle is quite a big place with a beautiful garden and historic building. I don't really remember how many floors attached in building, but at least 3 floors. The bath room actually gave me a surprise where there was a single bathtub and auto closestool, was very modern at that era. Obviously, Larnach was a very rich man.

In the building, the antique furnitures are being well-decorated for presentation. Even, the antique western cloths are displayed in every rooms showing the life of the owner.

I would suggest you to visit this Larnach Castle if you like seeing the structure and history, otherwise is actually quite boring.

There is a admission fee applicable, for Castle and outdoor, Adult = N$27 ; Child = N$10. Camera shooting and recorder is prohibited.

Baldwin Street
Where is the steepest residential street in the world? Yes, it is located at the suburb of North East Valley in Dunedin. Actually, Baldwin street is recognised as Guinness Records in Guinness Book as the steepest street in the world.

I do not remember how far we had driven to this street from Dunedin city, was not too far and just spent a little time to reach there.

Before we reach the destination, we were discussing whether we want to "climb" to the top by tramping or car as the street is allowed to both walking and driving in there. After few minutes of discussion, we decided to tramp up. We parked our car at the edge of the street (start point). 

We spent about 10 minutes to reach the "summit", was quite exhausted if you are not well-trained. However, was a very good exercise.


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