Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guest Post - Sport Activities in New York

Tourists might need more than 2 weeks to see everything New York has to offer. Still, with a good schedule, visitors have plenty of time to see the most important attractions of New York. It is very important to know beforehand what they want to see. Are they interested in visiting the museums, the clubs or the parks? Knowing this will help them plan their visit. For example, the individuals interested in sport activities will spend less time in visiting the landmarks and more time practicing their favorite sports in New York. In fact, this city is a great scene for sport activities. There are numerous possibilities for all the sports lovers.

Baseball is a popular sport in the United States. So, the tourists who have never tried this sport can go to the Batting Cages at the Filed House and the Baseball Center. They offer the chance to try this entertaining sport. An off the beat sport is kayaking. People might find this strange, but at Downtown Boathouse, tourists can rent the kayaks for free and practice this sport on Hudson River. Golf is another great sport to practice in New York. There are numerous golf centers in the city. The best are Randall’s Island Golf Center, Chelsea Piers Golf Club and New York Golf Center.

Rock climbing is an amazing activity that visitors must try. It can be practiced at City Climbers Club, Manhattan Climbing Wall and the Climbing Wall in Chelsea Piers. Most tourists love riding the bicycle while in New York. Actually, this city features numerous bicycle routes. Most of them are located in Manhattan. Also, the Central Park, the Brooklyn Promenade and the Brooklyn Bridge are two great bike routes. There are numerous parks that rent bicycles for free.

The United States of America are also known for their basketball matches and players. The tourists who want to try this sport can go to one of the numerous basketball courts. They’re situated all around the city and they’re free. Swimming is another pleasant activity. There are more than 50 private indoor pools, indoor public pools and outdoor public pools in New York. Thus, the tourists have where to choose from. However, no one recommends the outdoor pools. Even though they’re public, they are full of children and extremely crowded. A better idea is to go to indoor public polls. They’re cleaner and less crowded.

Tennis and handball are also popular in New York. The tennis courts are spread all over New York City. Most of them are free; the visitors just have to come with their equipment. There are also indoor tennis courts, the best are Sutton East Tennis Club and Sportime. The handball courts are located in public parks and are also free of charge. Besides all these amazing sports, tourists can also see numerous joggers all around New York City. This is the most affordable sport. There are many running routes in New York. The best are along East River and Hudson River and in Central Park.

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