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Reasons to choose New Zealand for honeymoon/holiday

Reasons to choose New Zealand for honeymoon/holiday Definition of Honeymoon
Honeymoon Moorea
(Image taken by Simon)
Honeymoon is very simple word, but the meaning of this word is profound. How do you want to spend your honeymoon is also simple cum complex. Some of us want to spend it without memory while some of us want this honeymoon become most memorial memory in the life. I would choose for the second option to make this honeymoon as important memory for my wife and myself.

Honeymoon is a very important period for the couple who are just get married, they can fully enjoy their holiday especially after their busy big day, have a rest and relax. (Relax is so important for a person who has been working so hard on something, we need to know the way to release the stress and tiring from our body.)

New Zealand as a destination of Honeymoon
There are many destinations for honeymoon, but I would like to recommend New Zealand as a romantic/wonderful country for those couple would like to have the backpacker travel style and also recommend to those who like to back to the nature, escape out from city.

Maybe not everyone knows that New Zealand is a travel paradise where is a very beautiful country for everyone who is going to travel to….New Zealand, has great location situated at the south part of our round "Water Planet". New Zealand is independent islands in the South Pacific, with two main islands called The North Island and The South Island. Population of New Zealand is almost 4 million, a diverse cultural heritage and a rich, and quite a numbers of spectacular scenery. To me, of course, New Zealand is definitely a paradise!!!

There are small groups of citizen enjoying a big area of country. In New Zealand, there is approximately 4 million of population who are staying in this country with area of 270k sq. km. People staying here are very lucky as they can enjoy the four seasons of climate, speaking English, especially the stunning landscape is attractive for the photographer and traveller.

Seasons of New Zealand
New Zealand is enjoying the four seasons of climate, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. To me, different season has their unique feel and scene. You can feel the difference in the same area at different season, I can say that there scene will be totally different and provides a surprise to you if you are first time been there at different season. I like summer very much as it is giving me a feeling of lovely/charming/glamorous……Of course, the other there seasons are also attractive. For a photographer, will not be wrong should you visit New Zealand for few times at different seasons.

To me, we are from Asia where has only one season…..Summer everyday J. Of course, I am not saying that the hot weather is not good but, at least we can have different living condition/environment (I mean four season) if staying in New Zealand.

Activities and Nature
Jetboat action. Shotover River. Queenstown. New Zealand
(Image taken by Jheritage)
New Zealand is full of surprise. Interesting and adventure activities are provided around New Zealand, both North and South Island, such as skydiving, jet boat, wine/farm tour, bungy jump and ex cetera. When I was first stepped on the land of New Zealand, I was so excited as the landscape in New Zealand is fabulous!!! I cannot stop my camera shutter, I was keep pressing on shutter to capture the great picture of landscape, I do not want to miss something, I wanted to bring every memory back to home!!

If you do not have enough length of period in New Zealand, and you like the nature and landscape the most, I would like to recommend South Island at first priority. I was thinking that there is not fair to us who are not staying in New Zealand, why we are not born in New Zealand, as the god has built a “heaven” in New Zealand. When I was first step on this land, I really have a thought to immigrate to New Zealand as here is a dreamed land.

I have a friend who possessed WHV in New Zealand for 6 months, she actually told me that she had used to see the scenic scenery around this country, she did not have the “wow” feeling after 3 months staying in New Zealand. However, to me, I will not say this kind of words as I really feel that New Zealand is a paradise where can let people staying and enjoying their rest of the life forever.

Hence, either you like adventure or nature/leisure or both together, you definitely can find these in New Zealand.

Sense of Space
New Zealand has population of 4 million, area is about 270k sq. km. Big country with lesser number of citizen, means there's plenty of space to go around. In our world, in some countries, there are many cities full of people, there are so crowded everywhere. I am working in Singapore which is a very crowded city, wherever you go wherever you can see many people are working, walking, shopping, a real treat for Singaporeans long used to cramped trains and bustling crowds. …… Just my own personal opinion. New Zealand is different, having a large space for people living, relax, leisure and enjoy life.

People in New Zealand
The citizens who are living in New Zealand are always polite to visitors. We had experience dealt with the local citizens when we were either buying something, renting equipment, negotiating travel package price and so on, they were very friendly and lovely when we talked to them, I like the way they are dealing with other, I like their culture as well.

I feel that the local citizens are like their job. Why do I say this? As what I met the tour guide during my trip, they were showing us their professionalism. The first image they had given to us was they love their job, they are willing to share their knowledge to visitor and being prepared to give us the best service. This is the reason why I say they love their job and never feel bored on job.

Piha beach, New Zealand
(Image by Chris)
Of course, if you are either part-time or professional landscape photographer, you definitely must visit New Zealand to press your shutter button. I have seen many good images taken by photographers in New Zealand which presented in very fabulous landscape image. Of course, the skill of the photographer is one of the important elements to capture a great image, however, the beautiful landscape is the most important part of these pictures collection. Some of the professional photographers have taken some famous pictures in New Zealand, and even sell at good price in the free market.


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