Please Rest in Peace, My Friend~~

I know that this is a travel blog, however, I want to find one media to express my thought and feeling.... 

 Today, I feel very depressed, unhappy, sad and down.....for a whole day. I think this feeling will be lasted for few more days.... 

I was being informed that one of my friends was just passed away with age of 30 due to sickness. Life is not long but short. 

Life is precious. Life is important. Life is so complicated. Life is...... From the death of my friend, few questions are keep emerging on my mind. 

1. Is life so tough? 
2. Why does god take away our life easily? 
3. If we can not expect how long of our life, why don't we spend our life in easy? 
4. Why do we always stress ourselves with a short life span? 
5. We work so hard for what? 
6. ......... 

Too many of unpredictable issue, the sudden death is not surprise but depressed. I am still thinking why do we need to work so hard for our life, why we do not choose to enjoy our life always. 

Do not give ourselves too much pressure. Life is not work, work is not life. Plan more time in spending with your family, parent, lover, and your friend. We do not know what happen tomorrow, but just need to spend preciously every seconds with your concerns. As long as you have done it, we will not regret any if we die on a sudden.

Sorry for nagging. 

Rest in peace to my friend.