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Guest Post - Plaza Reial (Barcelona Spain)

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Guest Post by Silvie.

In Barcelona there are different places which you should visit. Plaza Reial is one of these places. It has a very good atmosphere. The atmosphere is not the only good thing, besides this it is also a beautiful place. It´s located very close to the Ramblas. It is a very famous place in Barcelona. The reason why it has such a nice charisma is because of the high palm trees and the arcades. On this square you can find many restaurants and terraces. During the day most people enjoy the sun with something to drink. In the evening people have a nice dinner outside or inside. At night there are a few places where you can party until late at night. 

During the day there are different street artists which perform. Some play music and others give an acrobatic act. It is nice when you sit outside and can watch some entertainment. There are artists which play a music instrument and some also sing. Most are actually pretty good, some are not. After they played a few songs they want you to give them money. Of course you´re not obliged to give them something. When you don´t want to give them something, you simply don´t. There is one artist which looks a little like Bob Marley. I saw him a few times and he is a real entertainer and sings very good. There is also a group of boys which do some acrobatic things. The make a human tower, jump over people and do other crazy things. It is fun to watch. 

Plaça Reial
(Image by Serge)
At plaza Reial you can find many restaurants. When you arrive on the square, it´s difficult to decide where to go to, because they all look good. I visited a few places which I all can recommend to you. Rossini is an Italian restaurant. They serve very good pizza´s and of course also other Italian dished like pasta, meat and fish. They have a terrace outside. From the inside it looks small, but it isn´t. They have a basement where you can sit and they have a first floor where they have tables. So they have enough space to welcome people. Rei de Copas is also a nice place to go. Here you can only drink something. They don´t serve food. They have a nice terrace outside. The crew is very friendly. Inside is more a bar/ disco. They don´t have chairs inside. For that reason everyone sits outside. At night it changes into a disco. La Quinze Nits is a very famous restaurant. When you walk onto plaza Reial you can find the restaurant to look to a queue. Believe me or not, but there is always a queue outside. People are waiting to have dinner there. The prices are low and the food is good. Another restaurant I can really recommend is La fonda. This is not on plaza Reial, but in a side street very close. You can find the address on the internet. You can eat here a three course meal with drinks for €15. It is a very cheap restaurant, but it is good. They have very good paella. When you like paella you should definitely visit this restaurant. 

There are also some clubs on and around the square. Late at night there are promoters to search for people who want to party. They try to attract as many people as possible. When you get a flyer you mostly got free entrance and maybe also a free drink. 

This article was written by Silvie, a travel writer and blogger for, providers of Barcelona rentals and properties Barcelona


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