Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Franz Josef Glacier Guide has withdrawn full/half day tour

I just realized an update from a forum, the Franz Josef Glacier Guide had just withdrawn the full and half day hiking tour, is grieved to hear this news actually.

Below is the email from Franz Josef Glacier Guide which replied the reader's query:

Franz Josef Glacier
Image by bkiwik
"Unfortunately I cannot book a Full Day/Half Day hike for you, as we are not operating these tours from the 14th April onward. We have had some fairly substantial changes in our glacier here over the last 6 weeks which has meant we have had some issues regarding access to the glacier. Our operations team has made a call for safety reasons to cease all foot access onto the glacier.

We have started the Ice Explorer instead, a trip which includes helicopter transfers onto the ice. This includes direct flights to and from the glacier, and a three hour guided hike through the terrain at the top of the current Full Day area and beyond. This is $265 per person and is available from Thursday 12th April."

If you really want to have the experience on the hiking on full/half day tour, there is an alternative, which is FOX.

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litXmas said...

i think this is coincident ^^
我被公司的emails壓死的當兒, 就想說來爬你的blog, 看看你的照片,.. 心情會好點, 結果就看到你在我的blog 的留言了 :P

i duno why franz josef stop half/full day tour, now we only have one choice, FOX.....
我是join FOX 的. 我想下次再去就要拿franz josep 這個ice explorer 看起來好玩+ 刺激!!~

lit Xmas

Pang Chee Yee said...

haha....I also joined FOX last time, thinking of joining FJ next time for full day tour, but now only can join this ice explorer.

I like your writing skill and style, good job. Will visit you always.

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