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Travel Paradise Guest Post - A guide to the resorts of Tenerife (Spain)

Travel Paradise - A guide to the resorts of Tenerife
Guest post by Dan Agnew.

Famous for its turquoise waters, vibrant nightlife and hedonistic charms, holidays to Tenerife are ever popular with tourists. With its gorgeous Mediterranean climate, Tenerife is one of the largest Canary Islands and has attracted visitors from across Europe for decades. With a warm Arabic breeze blowing off the North African coast, there is guaranteed sunshine all year round and Tenerife has an abundance of fabulous resorts to choose from. 

South Tenerife
Offering a lively variation from the hedonistic to idyllic, some of the most attractive resorts include Los Cristianos, which is located close to the island’s main airport (Reina Sofia) and provides a friendly and welcoming place to unwind on holiday.  Home to the extravagant spring carnival, the resort was originally a quaint Spanish fishing village and it retains the old qualities while embellishing them with modern leisure facilities such as water sports, fishing trips and golden beaches, which has seen Los Cristianos holidays remain a popular choice.

Another resort that is close to the airport is the Golf Del Sur or ‘the Golf’ for short, which is a self declared ‘golfers paradise’ and has an international reputation for hosting Tenerife’s most prestigious golf course. A family friendly resort, holidays to Golf del Sur attracts young couples and families looking to unwind in peace and enjoy a swing of the old 9 iron. Traditionally quiet and unassuming, the hotels provide a luxurious and welcoming service and some of the highlights include the nearby San Miguel Marina that offers sailing and fishing trips and a fascinating underwater safari on their ‘Yellow Submarine’.

Further south is the former Canarian village of El Medano and this remarkably unspoiled resort is largely untouched by modern commercialism. Best known for its lush sandy beaches and high winds, El Medano has developed a niche for windsurfing and kite-surfing. With its persistent winds, the resort is arguably the best windsurfing resort in Tenerife and the world championships are regularly held in the idyllic spot. Sporty visitors to the island are highly recommended to seek out this cultivated resort that caters specifically for their athletic tastes.

On the Northern coast
While sport and leisure activities are enormously catered for in Tenerife, there are furtive and historically fascinating resorts too. One of the most understated and romantic enclave’s on the volcanic island is Garachico. Situated in the north-west of Tenerife, the island has a fascinating if a slightly dark history. In the past it has suffered from floods, storms, plagues of locusts and volcanic eruptions and the worst occurred in 1706, which destroyed the town’s harbour.  However, modern visitors should not worry about waves of destruction that once has bewitched this beautiful Canarian village. Fortunately for modern day islanders, Garrachico is now considered to be one of the most romantic and traditional places to visit in Tenerife.

Home to a rich variety of seventeenth century ruins and the famous sea rock pools, the village of Garrachico is definitely one for those who like to explore the natural heritage of this beautiful island.

Away from it all
Those who like to take the road less travelled on holiday will be tempted to explore the Los Gigantes resort. Situated near to the gorgeous village of Cueva del Polvo, the village is famous for its magnificent basalt cliffs, whale and dolphin tours and beautiful marine life. A naturally pretty resort it provides an exceptionally serene place to unwind on holiday. Offering panoramic views across the southern coast of the island, there is nowhere better in Tenerife to gaze out towards the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean coast. Surprisingly versatile and awash with volcanic wonders, marine life and outstanding spots of natural beauty, Tenerife is more than just a sunny holiday resort. Visitors can only feel a tangible sense of delight when arriving in Tenerife on holiday and will leave the island, full in the knowledge there are endless treasures waiting to be discovered on their return. 

About the author:
Dan Agnew is part of the easyJet holidays travel writers team.

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