New Zealand Clock (Time) Changes on 1st April 2012

New Zealand Clock (Time) Change on 1st April
(Image by Dalo)
New Zealand has twice time changes every year, one is in April, another one is in September.

Guys, please take note that at 1st April 3.00am, you need to adjust to a new time of 2.00am. Good to say that you have extra one more hour for sleep.

If you are in New Zealand on 1st April, please remember this. Most probably, your phone, computer etc will automatically adjust to correct  time, but please also check on the next day to ensure no mistake is there. 

For your another reminder, the period of Good Friday is from 6th April to 9th April. So, most of the companies, eg Banks, Foreign Exchange Centers, Isite may not be operating or shut down during this period. Especially on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, due to this is the religion festival, strictly speaking, most of the shops cannot open for business including shopping center and markets. Hence, please take good care of yourselves and plan it in advance. For the public transport, It will operate as the practice on public holiday, the transport frequency will be lesser or cancelled, please ask before plan.

For more information of time changes, please see here.

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