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Guest Post - A Guide to The Natural Side of North Majorca (Spain)

Travel Paradise - A Guide to The Natural Side of North Majorca
Guest Post by Lewis White.

For those who fancy something a little a more adventurous than lying on the beach, Majorca’s Serra de Tramuntana Mountains are perfect for hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Situated north of the country lie its highest peaks, suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced. Well known to professional athletes, these peaks, spanning over 1000 m high, have become extremely popular over the years. For the best experience, visit out of season during the milder months of Spring and Autumn and make the most of a holiday to Majorca.

Walk 2 - The Summit of Puig de Tossals Verds (1)
Hiking on the Island is slightly more rigorous than a gentle stroll, but rewards visitors with fascinating landscapes and breath taking views of Majorca. Alcudia is a great base for those looking to explore the north, this resort is bordered with evergreen forests, and is full of scenic routes that are perfect for hiking lovers to explore a different side of Majorca. With some places only accessible by foot, it is a great way to witness Majorca’s stunning natural treasures.

Whilst hiking you will constantly be rewarded with views of rural Majorca where you’ll find olive groves and fields full of sprouting fauna and flora. Breathe in the enticing fragrance of orange blossom while travelling through the winding countryside.

North Majorca (1)
It does not have to be all hard graft to enjoy the Tramuntana Mountains. The lower grounds of this region are just as enjoyable, with an array of secluded beaches and bays to explore for all ages. The local villages of the north are also worth visiting. Whilst exploring it’s easy to stop off for a break and submerse yourself into the enjoyable rural culture. Restaurants, churches and monasteries can be found dotted around the area, serving as an idyllic and relaxing way to rejuvenate.

However if you yearn to view Majorca from a height you can, simply drive or pay to be part of a tour that visits the beautiful Cap de Formentor, the highest point in Majorca. From these heights you’ll be able to catch stunning glimpses of the sparkling Mediterranean coastline. Take a guided tour and relive the history of the surrounding landscape.

Alcudia Beach (1)
Cycling is really popular in Majorca and is one of the most popular things to do in Majorca, the island is often used by professional cycling teams for winter training. However, cycling amateurs can also take advantage of the roads that conveniently meander through the mountains. There is also the chance to ride round the beaches and towns towards the south of the Island.

For beginners there is the route around capital city Palma to try, simply follow the bicycle lanes of the city and you will encounter the famous sights of the Palma Cathedral and 10th century Arab Baths. For those who want to push themselves there is the Calobra pass to the North of the Island. This winding road is a climb and rises 2,600 feet in six miles, but rewards cyclists with magnificent and unspoilt views of rural Majorca.


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