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Travel Paradise - Dunedin New Zealand (Part 1)

Travel Paradise - Dunedin New Zealand (Part 1)
... silent sands... St Kilda Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand .......   [Explored #4]
(Image by Rosie at St Kilda Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand)
Background of Dunedin
Dunedin is the second-largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, and the principal city of the Otago Region. Dunedin was the largest city by territorial land area until superseded by Auckland on the creation of the Auckland Council in November 2010. Dunedin was the largest city in New Zealand by population until about 1900. Dunedin has relatively low rainfall in comparison to many of New Zealand's cities, with only some 750 millimetres (30 in) recorded per year. Inland, beyond the heart of the city and into Inland Otago the climate is sub-continental: winters are quite cold and dry, summers hot and dry. 

My Story
Since day 1, I noticed that most of the town I have been visited is not very big, some are small like Lake Tekako, Franz Josef, FOX.... except of Christchurch and Queenstown where the size of city is considered larger compare to others. When I reached Dunedin, I just realised that, wow!! What a big city in New Zealand. Especially the highway and the road, is totally different among the other towns where I have visited last few days. I was thinking I will be lost if I do not have GPS for my car rental. The structure of the city is well-organised by New Zealand Government, the road, highway, residential, shops and so on....

In Dunedin, we planned to visit few places, one is chocolate factory, Baldwin Street, Larnach Castle, Dunedin Railway Station.....

Actually, there are many other activities can be found in Dunedin, but due to the timing constrained, we are unable to visit all the places and activities.

For Dunedin, I will write 2 articles to share with you my experience and story. I will be talking about the Accommodation and Cadbury  Chocolate Factory in this post, and share with you other activities and places in the next post.

From www.wotif.com, there are quite a number of motel or hotel available to choose for our accommodation. I had done through some research for the budgeted accommodation before we book our accommodation in Dunedin. After research, research and research, we end up book Kiwis Nest  as our accommodation.

We were staying in Dunedin for 2 nights at Kiwis Nest where provides a comfortable living environment. We rented a double bed room at NZ$60 per night, but the provider provided us a triple bed room, the space of the room is huge, this was the biggest room we stayed in New Zealand. However, please bear in mind to check in earlier, as here is not like YHA, they won't put your key outside of counter, you need to check-in and collect yourself. 

The location is also easy to look for, it is just located at the road side at conner lot.

There are 2 kitchens, one is at down stair and another one at up stair. The down stair one is quite small, may only fit for 2 persons cooking together. We had out dinner outside for 1st night, then we cooked ourselves on the 2nd night.

For launder, there is only one washing machine and dryer, so we need to queue up for washing cloth. We did not wait and queue up, just have the wash after mid night :).

The thing I dislike is the heater. The function of the heater is totally unable to control and not warm enough to cover the cool temperature. Even the blanket give is very tick, but we were still feeling very cool in the night time on bed sleeping.

Another thing I would like to highlight to you is the attitude of the counter receptionist. Initially, I estimate my arriving time to Kiwis Nest is about 8-9pm, I called up to Kiwis and asked for putting the key at counter and we could collect ourselves. However, the attitude of receptionist is not very friendly and a bit rude in speaking, she rejected to put the key outside and asked them to check-in by 7pm. So, we were rushing to there and reached there at about 7pm.

If let me to score, I would mark it as 7 out of 10.

Cadbury is a very well-known chocolate brand in the world. Initially, I do not know Dunedin has a big factory here, is my wife researched out from others. My wife was very keen to visit their factory to get some interesting knowledge where this factory is opened for public for visiting. 

Ticket for adult is NZ$18 per person, the tour needs about 75 minutes. The price is not cheap, but for an experience I think is worth enough.

The tour begins with a video then locking your things up. No cameras, no bags, nothing, but YOURSELF and what you are wearing. Which is good I guess.  you will be instructed to wear a hat and mask for cleanliness purpose. You are also not allow to bring your bag in, the tour guide you store your belongings at a locker for temporarily.

From there, the guide will bring you around the factory to show the real process of chocolate making. In between, the guide will ask you question relating chocolate making, you will get some rewards (chocolate product) if you answer correctly. (However, my wife and I never answered but also got many chocolate from the guide....hahaha). One of the best thing is, we tried a fresh chocolate milk from the machine, is totally fresh and in cooking stage, the taste is really great!!

The highlight is the chocolate fountain. Cadbury designed and built up a 3 level high fountain to show the melted chocolate spillover from a machine mouth to a big container. Not bad experience, but  I don't know how to describe in detailed here....unable to show picture as photo not allowed as well.

This tour is gaining some knowledge of processing chocolate, I would suggest to bring children over here for learning something new, and interesting activity for them to absorb new experience.


litXmas said...

i have to time to visit this town, sob sob .....
it is not in my itineraly :( but this make me feel that i am going to re - visit nz very very soon.... wakekeke :P

lit Xmas

Pang Chee Yee said...

You have visited so many countries already...I am so envious of you, haha....So when do you plan for going back for working holiday??

Anonymous said...

Before 31,so next year is my last chance;) keke. But when I thinking about eat in nz, I have a bit 挣扎, I like nasi lemak, roti telur, curry laksa much, I will not hapi if only have fish n chips.. lit xmas

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