Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lake Tekapo Photography

Lake Tekapo Photography
Image by Emma
Image by Ricky Liew.
Comment from Ricky Liew:
"Lake tekapo is really a beautiful turquoise lake in NZ. However, it was such a huge lake that I find it difficult to get a great foreground to really make a good composition of this beautiful lake. After two days of hunting around for composition, I have decided to shoot at one of the shore of the lake at dawn where the water is pretty quiet and calm. However, the reflection of the snow capped mountain is still not clear enough in that condition. By the way, the snow capped mountain in the far middle end of this photo is the magnificent and famous Mt. Cook in NZ.

Image by Squirmelia.

Image by Eyeneer
Image by Jsbanks42

Image by anthonycramp

Image by Flash Parker

Comment of Flash Parker:
The Black Sock is back!
Couldn't resist. When I get in a grove and decide it's time to break out the big filters - and the light decides to cooperate - I can hunker down and churn out a few hundred frames in a single sitting, trying just about every possible composition I can think of. Some work, some don't. I do, I say I do declare that this one works.

If I could choose only two places in NZ to revisit Tekapo would be one and Milford Sound would be the other (our struggles to reach Fiordland are well documented). Tekapo is simply gorgeous.

In case you missed my little Black Sock/Black Masking write-up yesterday, here is the technique documented again. I'll blog this shizzle sometime in the coming days and add it to my Filter Guide.

Image by Anthonkyo

Image by Reuben

Image by Neilcreek


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