Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Disadvantage of using free hosting blogging

Disadvantage of using free hosting blogging
If you are blogger, you will be thinking that to use the free hosting or paid hosting, what is the difference between these two??

I have been maintaining this blog for 5 months ++, I have decided to pay for my domain name after 2 months of the blog age as I was thinking the blog should have it's own special name stand out from this big network market.

The disadvantage of using free hosting:
  • It is not reliable, means that your data may be deleted at any time due to server problems;
  • fewer features than the web host providers that charge.  Most often, free web hosting service providers do not offer features like email, or advanced software features;  
  • You will be forced to put huge banner ads which is really cripple your sites;
  • Security features and control are highly lacking. A webmaster desires as much control over the website as its possible, and free web hosting plans are badly prepared to provide;
  • Get a good support is something we all love. any of them do not offer customer service of any kind.  This means if you have problems or difficulty with your website, there will be no one available to address the problem.  It is very rare you will even be notified as to down town.Low bandwidth. Though low disk space may not be the problem for all website owners, a page web that takes three tries and ninety seconds to load it’s not going to attract many visitors.

Free blog vs. paid blog:

Blog Service
PaidBlog Service
Your own .com?
$10/year for domain name
and around $4/month for web hosting
Numerous free designs
are available
Numerous free designs
are available, with flexibility of using premium themes
Limited, as they control what plugins are made available to you
Every plugin that has
been developed will be available to you
RSS syndication
Subscriber List
Via RSS feed, and can
also integrate with 3rd party services like Aweber and Getresponse
Plugins are available,
and can also integrate with 3rd party services like Aweber and Getresponse


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