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Safe Driving Tips For Driving in New Zealand

Safe Driving Tips For Driving in New Zealand
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If you select self-driving in New Zealand, you should take you own responsibility to make sure your safety. Driving in New Zealand is not difficult, but please take good care of yourself and drive carefully.

There are quite a number of accidents happened in New Zealand which caused by visitors. What are the reasons the make these accidents. The safety issues is not only for yourselves, but also for the others. 

To have a relax and nice trip in New Zealand when driving, you should have the belows:
1. Let the most experience driver to drive or lead the driving;

2. Other passengers are also part of the solution, such as reminding driver to maintain the speed and to keep left if not taking over;

3. Driver should not be driving unless will rested, especially if you have just got off a long haul flight. There were number of cases caused by jet lag;

4. Read up on the route proposed, read clearly the direction from the map;

5. Do not drink and drive;

6. Use average speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour to calculate the time of traveling;

7. Stop at road side regularly for rest breaks, eg photo shooting, rest...

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8 Road works and resealing jobs are done during the summer, slow down to the posted speed, temporary speed limits are as much for your safety as it is for all other road users and road workers;

9. On steep down hill gradiets, select a lower gear, even with an automatic, so as to reduce the use of brakes. Brake fade on steep hills is a killer;

10. Slow down before you get to the corner. Not when you are on the corner. Doing the later could have the vehicle roll over.

11. Don't drive with you foot on the brake all the time. You will wear your breaks out and over heat them. Which may cause failure.

12. Don't tailgate remember the 2 second rule.

13. Don't plan any driving on country roads after dark. Roads have no street lighting and anyway, it defeats the purpose of being here - to see the scenery.

14. If pulling off the road to take photos then ensure the entire vehicle is off the road and there is still room to open the driver's door and exit without getting hit by another vehicle passing.

15. If driving slower due to the curvy nature of the road and traffic is behind you, don't suddenly speed up to 110k in the next straight bit of road. Maintain the speed of 70k so the traffic behind can pass.

Enjoy your holiday!!!

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