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Advantages & Disadvantages of self-driving (Renting Car) in New Zealand

Advantages & Disadvantages of self-driving (Renting Car) in New Zealand
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During the trip to New Zealand, I had decided to select renting a car with self-driving. I did not think too much, never think about the differences of other way to explore New Zealand, like cruise, train etc. The only reason for me to choose renting car was due to I wanted to give my wife a unforgettable honeymoon memory.

Initially, I have planned to take bus for my trip as Magic Bus promoted a package which is very cheap and attractive. But end up, I was still choosing renting car.

The Advantages of self-driving
1. Flexibility - New Zealand is a wonderland, wherever you go wherever is beautiful. Renting a car allow you to make a change of your itinerary whenever you want to. There many scenic scenery just on the way from a city to  another city, there is no chance for you to stop off to enjoy the scenery if you are joining tour/cruise/train which do not stop off at the point you like, you will miss the place. 

2. Timing Control - The weather in New Zealand is not really stable, I had experiences that the tour of FOX Glacier was cancelled and postpone Milford Sound Cruise due to the bad weather condition. Luckily, we had rented a car where we can change the schedule accordingly to match with what we want to change to. One of the most important thing, if you buy a bus package (Kiwi, Magic Bus...), you must follow the time table for travelling around the both island.

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3. Photography - As what I said previously, renting a car is a MUST if you want to do photography or you like photography. Just like when I was at Lake Tekapo, the sunset and sunrise are giving difference atmosphere, photographer surely will go to the lake side for photography more than 1 times, you will be more chance to get a good photo for your own collections if you have a rental car which may bring you where you want to go.

4. Reasonable Rental Cost - I was rented a car (class of Super Saver) from Ace Rental Car  for 11 days cost me about NZ$500 (without GPS) in summer, the rental charge is higher in summer as peak season. Petrol consumption is about NZ$0.20 for 1km, I had driven about 2400km for the whole trip. I have computed the cost incurred per day, was about NZ$80-NZ$90 per car. Is cheaper if you have more passengers, let say you have 4, then the average cost per person per day is about NZ$ 20-23, is cheap and reasonable!!! Lets compare to some bus package, 8-10 days package may cost you more than renting a car. Check it out.

5. Privacy - No need to share seats with others. You can have you own rest and driving seats, you can have your private space, not noisy, not crowded and so on.

6. Easy Driving - There is not very difficult for driving in New Zealand as the highway is straight and not many car crowding the way. Most of the drivers are driving with most courtesy. Please take note that the driver seat is at right hand side. One of the thing highlight to you is, most of the highways in New Zealand do not have road light, need to make sure you are focused when you are driving in night.

The Disadvantages of self-driving
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What I think that the only disadvantage of self driving is you need to put your own effort on driving by yourself or your partners. No driver. The dangerous thing is, some visitors had been causing some serious accidents in New Zealand because of the Jet lag. 

I would like to urge all visitors that don't drive if you do have enough rest. Please set your itinerary in relax model, do not plan in tight schedule.

I recommend Ace Rental Car , as this company provides a good quality service. Although the cheaper cars may are a bit old age, but is still acceptable and reasonable. I satisfied their performance for my whole trip.

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