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Wanaka - 4 Things Must Do and See

Wanaka - 4 Things Must Do and See
Wanaka is a town in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand. It is situated at the southern end of Lake Wanaka, adjacent to the outflow of the lake to the Clutha River. The general weather in Wanaka is always
pretty good, the annual rainfall is low and always has a clear sunny day.

For the Wanaka's population, the permanent population is 3,300. In the peak seasons this can swell to as many as 20,000.The census usuallyresident population count for Wanaka was 3,330, a change of 32.0 percent since 1996.

These days, with its beautiful lake and mountain views, Wanaka has become a popular tourist resort, loved by many for being less commercialised than Queenstown.

After my honeymoon journey in New Zealand, I realised that I love Wanaka the most among these cities, although there were raining day when I was visited there.

The photo above was taken by myself, it was a windy and mizzle day. I was almost few years did not see rainbow in my hometown, and this was the nice rainbow was happened here. I grabbed my camera and ran out from my BHH hostel and took this photo. It was double rainbow, I like this photo the most. The location is just opposite the BHH hostel, which is a small port, but normally the door is closed (the door was opened when I was there as the worker was doing the maintenance).

4 Things Must Do and See:

(Is me!!!)

New Zealand provides a series of the best adventure activities, the skydiving is one of the best. Many visitors from the world come here for skydiving, not only the visitor but also professional. This sport is not easy to handle it perfectly, in addition, the cost of playing this is high also. Not everyone can afford this activity.

Due to the weather in Wanaka, some of the experts said Wanaka is the best place for skydiving in New Zealand and cheaper than Queenstown.

For the cost, if skydive only (exclude video and photography), the pure price is NZ$399 and NZ$299 for 15,000fts and 12,000 fts respectively. If say Ultimate Package (cameraflyer Freefall DVD, Picture CD, Handi- Cam DVD and FREE t-shirt), is about NZ$699 and NZ$599 for 15,000fts and 12,000 fts respectively. 

For the weight, you must not exceed 100kg.

I have tried this activity in my trip, you may visit my post here. For your advise, please book this activity before you have checked and firmed that the weather is good on the day you selected as the trip may be cancelled due to the bad weather.

They have the professional video man and photographer, so you do not need to worry about the end product they produced, you will be very satisfied about their service. Once again, this is the first priority activity you must join if you have enough budget. At least once in your life!!!

For the review from Tripadvisor, 76 out of 81 voted this place is Excellent, 5 voted Very Good.
Puzzling World is an interesting place. Stuart Landsborough's Puzzling World is a world-unique
attraction with the theme of puzzling eccentricity! The entrance fees is NZ$15 for adult and NZ$10 for child (ticket for Great Maze + Illusion Room). The price is reasonable and affordable. I would say that you should go for the Maze if you really have spare time, is fun.

This is the Maze, it is 1.5km passage, according to them that we need about 30mins to 1 hour to complete the whole passage (depending on you skill....), seems is easy to pass through but please don't take it so easy. We played this maze, you need to find out four different destination which has a indication of colour. After you got the destination you will be managed to find the EXIT.

For the Illusion Room, is interesting too. There are many of the lectures you may teach your child. This place is very suitable for children and together with the whole family. Illusion Room is something like a science center, you may skip this if you have been other science center.

In addition, there is a colourful and creative building that giving you to have a creative picture just  outside the center. Child like this place the most.

For the review from Tripadvisor, 17 out of 36 voted this place is Excellent, 14 voted Very Good, 3 for Average and 2 for Poor.

(photo by Jacquie)
Wanaka River Journeys is the one I would like to recommend to anyone who wants a mix of adrenalin fuelled adventure,culture, beautiful wild landscapes and history.

Wanaka River Journey is the service with a jetboat, this is an excellent eye opening adventure! You will have an experience the speed of the jetboat, and the awesome of the river and also  able to see the mountains where they filmed LOTR.

They is a tour guide, he/she will balance out talking about the history and features of the area while pointing out the natural environment. Wanaka is such a lovely small town on a beautiful lake and Wanaka River Journeys is a must do half day trip for anyone visiting the area. It's suitable for all ages. The walk, which is part of the trip, took us to a waterfall and provided a pleasant leg stretch for everyone.

The cost of this activity is about NZ$240 per pax, is about 4 hours tour, inclusive Jet Boat plus Wilderness Walk (50 minutes). The price is reasonable as there is a half day tour, worth the price. Small groups of up to 10 per jet boat with speeds of up to 80kmph, come with an experience and knowledgeable tour guide.

For the review from Tripadvisor, 38 out of 40 voted this place is Excellent, 1 voted Very Good, 1 for Average.

Want to learn how to fly?? Come to Lake Wanaka!!! U-Fly Wanaka provide a good package of learning flying with plane.

There are 5 different packages provided by U-Fly. The price range is from NZ$199 - NZ$500++ with 20 minutes - 50 minutes flying times.

The guys at U-Fly are thoroughly professional and give you the chance to experience a little of the beauty of New Zealand (Wanaka) from another perspective. In a two seater aircraft (pilot and you) with the opportunity to take the controls of the aircraft (excluding take off and landing!) as much or as little as you want to during the flight.

For the review from Tripadvisor, 29 out of 29 voted this place is Excellent, 100% perfect!!


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skydiving 看起來就很爽. 請問是不是在這裡久要book 了呢? 還是到了nz 才book 也ok?

The Travel Paradise said...

After you reach NZ, check the weather forecast then book, in 1-2 days advance lor.

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