Tourists was killed when tramping in Franz Josef


There was a news yesterday, 2 girls was killed when they were having tramping in Franz Josef. The two girls are from Malaysia and China, age from 20-23. Two tourists have been killed while trying to cross a river there.

"A group of four tourists were on a walk near the glacier at about 9.30pm yesterday, when they went off the walking track in the dark and tried to cross the Waiho River on foot."

"The river was not deep, it was low flow, but there was also a combination of darkness, dirty water coming straight from the glacier, lots of bolders, and super cold.''

"They couldn't see where they were putting their feet, and lost their footing, then all it takes in shallow water like that is a bang on the head.''

I do not really understand why there still was a group having trekking there in night at 9.30pm where there are no light and unable to see the way back in dark. I guess they were illegally entered the park and have a trekking without tour guide.  Where is very dangerous if you do not familiar the topography there.

Actually, before the entrance of the glacier, there is a signboard indicate no entry without tour guide if you want to tramp into the glacier. However, there is no person checking any illegal entrance. I am not sure should New Zealand government need to take any action to prevent this kind of accident to happen again. I do not thing this is travel paradise if accident happened to anyone.

I remember that when I did my tramping there during my honeymoon, the tour guide also warned us to take good care of ourselves when crossing the river. He also said the level of the river will raise up if raining. So some of the trips may be cancelled if under bad weather condition especially there is high level of river.

Please take care of yourselves and do not taking risk where you are not familiar the new country.

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  1. such depressing news,乐极生悲!since we will be there during winter as well,definitely hv to keep alert in the dark. This morning as we drove down from Genting,the visibility was so poor(abt 2meter)that it almost took us double the time to reach KL,still..better be late than never! Life is too precious to be wasted in a haste.

  2. Yes, we should drive carefully wherever we are. Especially Malaysia, there are so many "lobang" here and there, MUST drive carefully.

    You are absolutely right!! The life is too precious to everyone of us.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment and support.


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