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Lake Tekapo - 5 Things Must Do and Must See

Lake Tekapo - 5 Things Must Do and Must See
Lake Tekapo, is a heaven for the photographer. The landscape have been attracted thousands of professional photographer come over purposely to take a picture back for their either commercial job or hobby. To me, you may stay there for a week to capture difference view of Lake Tekapo, difference angle, difference season, the difference atmosphere with sunrise, sunset, cloudy, windy day....and so on so on....

1. To See Russell Lupines
(Photo by Chris Gin shared on Flickr)
If you are a photographer, you will definitely like this Russell Lupines!!

The Russell Lupins bloom in beautiful pink and purple hues in the foreground as Lake Tekapo in Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand, adorns the backdrop. For the Russell Lupins, the leaves, divided into green leaflets, are splayed out like fingers on a hand. Stout seedpods are produced that explode in the summer heat, releasing many dark brown seeds.

During the summer months, the banks of Lake Tekapo become a photographer's paradise as the Russell Lupins grow to a height of about 1.5 meters. 

The banks of Lake Tekapo will look bare once the Russell Lupins die off, but every summer, they reappear and adorn the landscape of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Unfortunately, I was unable to view the Russell Lupins as time limitation during my honeymoon.

2. Alpine Springs
(Photo by Being Is My Vision shared on Flickr)
Situated at the base of Mt John in Lake Tekapo. Offering stunning vistas of Lake Tekapo and the Mackenzie region, and a range of fun activities including Hot Pools, Ice Skating Rink, Day Spa, Snow Park featuring a new Magic Carpet and a fully licensed Cafe.

The price range is still reasonable, for a compo package (2 activities) for Adult, is about NZ$30-35.

For the review from Tripadvisor, 12 out of 21 voted this place is Excellent, 7 voted Very Good.

"Having hot spring was not my first time, but under such beautiful view which definitely nowhere can be found, this was my first time. They have three pools with different temperatures. But I loved most was the top one with the highest temperature and with the most stunning view. (yes, the higher the better) We did enjoy at the pool. But when talking about the price, the entrance fee is a bit overpriced. Moreover, any other equipment you would like to use, eg, towel, locker, shampoo, all at extra charge! (I never had that experience in Japan!!) Therefore, if you gonna be there, get all things needed."

3. Church of the Good Shepherd 
(Photo by myself)
A simple stone church on the shores of the lake, built in 1935 as a memorial to the pioneer run holders of the Mackenzie Country. The statue of a sheep dog near the church is a memorial to the working dogs which helped create the farmlands of the Mackenzie Country.

The Church is the main attraction in Lake Tekapo, which located at the side center of the town, 2 minutes drive from the town center. I was there about 4-5pm, and started taking picture. The composition of the landscape is really amazing, I could not stop my finger to pressing the shutter of camera. It's a great place for pictures and relaxation. 

Here is not like other crowded tourist places, here is totally difference. There were only few visitors visited here when I was there, so was very easy to take a good pictures without captured in other people in my photo, thus I really like this place.

Open hours - Summer hrs 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. Winter hours 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. weather permitting Changeover from summer to winter hours is at the discretion of local Committee. 

For the review from Tripadvisor, 10 out of 20 voted this place is Excellent, 9 voted Very Good.

4. Reflection of Lake Tekapo
(Photo by Alexi  shared on Flickr)
The reflection is stunning when the lake is under peace and not much movement. Especially in winter season, the snow scenery giving you a stunning wonderful feeling.

This will always happen in the early morning with clean air and no wind. The sunrise will place on the mountain giving a perfect lighting and composition of the photo.

To me, to get the reflection of the Lake Tekapo is not easy. I think need to take some time or at least visit there for few times. Depend on the luck and weather.

The most beautiful angle, I think is just right from the Church to the Mountain.

5. Earth & Sky Observatory
(Photo by Jim  shared on Flickr  )
If you like the Earth and Sky astronomy, you must go this place. There are a big observatory offered to public.

The condition is the weather must be under good condition, you will be very disappointed if under cloudy day and the tour may be cancelled if there is under bad weather. You may join the Earth and Sky astronomy tours for a day tour. They will show you New Zealand's largest telescope and describe the exciting research conducted here. . The range of entrance fee is fro NZ$55-NZ$105.

Again, I am very regretted that I was unable to go and visit there as the timing issue. As we had only 1 night in Lake Tekapo, I decided to spend in taking photo at the banks of Lake but not to visit this observatory, I must go there in my next travel trip. :)

"Fantastic activity. We went on the 11:30pm tour. Given warm jackets before heading off on the bus. Great commentary with laser pointer aids so it was very easy to follow which stars were being talked about. Hot chocolate given to stay warm while looking through 3 different telescopes."

For the review from Tripadvisor, 18 out of 33 voted this place is Excellent, 5 voted Very Good, 3 for Average, 1 for Poor, 6 for Terrible (bad).

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