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Why do we need travel

Why do we need travel
Japan : Winter
(image taken by momoyama in Japan, Image shared at flickr)
Here are the questions, why do we need travel? Who do not want to travel? The Travel Paradise think every one needs travel if you are human :)

The purpose of traveling is leisure. The Travel Paradise intending to have holiday always.

Nowadays, travel is a social trend that people like to do always. People like to escape away from their working place and make a trip to far away. But what is the reason make people thinking to have a travel?

Travel for...
Different people have different reason to have travel,there are two kinds of travelers:
For leisure: the majority of the people is because of they want to have a leisure after a period of working, to refill their energy. Nowadays, every one needs to work, the reason of working is wholly for money, for survive in this social. After work and work, we will gather a lot of stresses which are not release from our body. The stresses will get more serious if you do not know the way to release it, then you will get sick in soon. Not even the workers, the students are stressful always as the homework now is heavy and no way to release, parents need to take care of them, this will bring not only the stress from work but also the stress from family.

For working: I am envy for this kind of traveler, the travel because they are working!!! They may is blogger, travel guide, news reporter or so on. They are traveling while they are working.

For learning: Some of the travelers are keen to learn something new from their trip. Or on course for the trip.

From travel we may...
Challenge yourselves: During the trip, especially for backpackers, you are required to have a mindset of brave, you need to have gut to explore something new you do not know before. During trip, you will face many problem which you do not know and under some circumstances, you are not helpful from others, all you need to solve the problem by yourself. Some travelers like this kind of challenges, they will feel that they have learnt something from here, satisfy what their satisfaction for themselves. Especially the budget backpackers, they need to endure the bad living condition if you are traveling in undeveloped countries where do not provide a clean, tidy or "okay" staying condition. What you need is change yourself to fit the environment. This is challenge!!

Experience new culture: Different countries/destination has their own different culture, you do even know their language. The most interesting moment is you can actually socialize with the local citizen and get to know them deeply, know their living style, their language, their body language and so on and so on. Sometime you will know interesting story and background from them.

To find yourself: Some travelers do not really know the actual purpose they are, from the traveling they may find out what they actually want from their life. No Purpose But Life!!!!

Eat and see new thing: The delicious food are all welcomed by people, me too, I like eat. Finding interesting and delicious food is one of my hobby. Every different country has their own famous and unique food, find out what it is, you will have more tummy...hahah....For the travelers, new things is one of the elements which may fill up your memory and get you refresh, I am the one actually.

Relax: Kids are always happy if they have a chance to go out for holiday and travelling. What is the reason they are so excited, the reason is they know there are relaxing and they may throw away their homework during this period. So, even the kids have this kind of thought, what about adults? Instead, we do really need to relax after a long period of working. Relax is refresh, refresh is giving you more energy to fight for the way of long term, this what the life is!!

As a conclusion, the travel can give us a lot of benefits:
1. Travel can broaden our mind to know new thing in the world;
2. You get to see how the people live in other part of the world;
3. Travel helps you to gain experience about other cultures, tradition, custom, food habits and so on...
4. Travel strengthen relationships, either with the people we travel with or with people we meet.
5. For our good health, travel can release our stress


rainfield61 said...

Open up our eyes, and heart.

That's travelling.

It is nice to meet you.

Let's keep travelling.

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